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"Africans against Algerians . . . the exploited against the exploited": Media Representations of the 1963 Saint Denis Riot Glaes, Gillian vol. 36 2008
Algeria in France: French Citizens, the War, and Right-wing Populism in the Reckoning of the Republic in Languedoc, 1954-1962 Whitfield, Lee vol. 33 2005
Algerian Youth in the colonies de vacances during the Algerian War Sloan, Elizabeth vol. 40 2012
The "Alien Origins" of the French Revolution: American, Scottish, Genevan, and Dutch Influences Jourdan, Annie vol. 35 2007
Ambiguous Modernity: Representations of French Colonial Railways in the Third Republic Starostina, Natalia vol. 38 2010
The American Farmer as French Diplomat: J. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur in New York after 1783 Moore, Andrew vol. 39 2011
The Ancestral Library as an Immortal Educator Sherman, Caroline R. vol. 35 2007
The Art of the Table in Eighteenth-Century France Wittmeier, Melissa M. vol. 38 2010
Articulating a New Civic Professionalism: Merchants and the Academy of Painting, Sculpture, and Civil and Naval Architecture of Bordeaux Whitlock, Stephanie vol. 33 2005
The Arts and Science of Criminal Man in Fin-de-Siècle France Dobelbower, Nicholas vol. 34 2006
Atlantic Amnesia? French Historians, the Haitian Revolution, and the 2004-2006 CAPES Exam Sepinwall, Alyssa Goldstein vol. 34 2006
"Au vaillant coeur, rien impossible!" A Tribute to Ronald S. Love Margolf, Diane C. vol. 36 2008