The University of Michigan, an encyclopedic survey ... Wilfred B. Shaw, editor.
University of Michigan.
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The most important land acquisition since 1940 is that of the North Campus. With the purchase of the Goss property of 220 acres in December of 1955, which was the largest individual purchase for the North Campus area, recognition was given to this concentration of land area in the University records. Some parcels previously purchased were combined with the Goss purchase, and at this time the North Campus was identified in the University financial reports as a campus geographic area. The first purchase of land (88 acres) was authorized by the Regents on December 16, 1949. With the addition of subsequent purchases up to June 30, 1977, the North Campus total land area is 792 acres at a cost of $1,730,383. The land areas of North Campus were annexed to the City of Ann Arbor for the most part in 1952 with some added annexations in 1960. Altogether, this represents 27 significant parcels purchased in a span of time from 1950 through 1975. During this period a few parcels were sold to private industry seeking a location in this area for research activities of interest to the University. Among these are: 30 acres sold to Climax Molybdenum Company in 1963 and 48 acres to Parke Davis and Company in 1956-57. Many buildings have been constructed on the North Campus since the beginning of its development, some for instruction and research, and others for housing, feeding, recreation, and administrative service functions. The potential exists for more building expansion. Development of the North Campus required utility extensions for electricity, natural gas, city water, sewerage, and telephone services. In addition, layouts and construction of streets, curbs, gutters, and walkways were coordinated with the appropriate city officials. Expenditures for these developments were shared by the University with the city. A successful implementation of landscape planning resulted in a beautiful open setting of groves of trees and expansive green areas interspersed among the buildings.

Physical property values at June 30, 1977, for the North Campus are summarized as follows:

Land $ 1,730,383
Land Improvements 7,262,414
Buildings 80,655,963
TOTAL $89,648,760