The University of Michigan, an encyclopedic survey ... Wilfred B. Shaw, editor.
University of Michigan.
Official Publications

Catalogues. — When on August 8, 1843, the Regents "Resolved, That the Executive Committee be authorized to publish a Catalogue of the Faculty and Students of the University with the prerequisites to admission, together with the Course of Studies pursued therein, — in pamphlet form" (R.P., 1837-64, p. 268), there was initiated a series which has continued unbroken to the present day. Copies of this first catalogue are rare, but the one in the University Library is not "unique" (R.P., 1837-64, p. 268, n.), as at least two others are known to exist.

The title page of this catalogue reads University of Michigan. Catalogue of thePage  1423Officers and Students in the Department of Arts and Sciences. 1843-4. Ann Arbor, Printed at the Michigan Argus Office, 1843. Its sixteen pages carry the names of the Board of Regents, Librarian, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Board of Visitors, Executive Committee, Faculty and Students; "A Statement of the Course of Instruction, Expenses, etc. in the University of Michigan," and the "Preparatory School." The course of study is presented in a table on a single page.

The general title Catalogue of the Officers and Students continues, with one or two slight variations, through the academic year 1870-71. Changes occur in other parts of the title, as in 1848-49, when the "Department of Arts and Sciences" becomes the "College of Arts and Sciences." The catalogue for this year contains an announcement of the projected opening, in the autumn of 1849, of the Department of Medicine. Appended, with special title page, but continuous paging is the Catalogus Senatus Academici et Eorum Qui Munera et Officia Gesserunt, Quique Primi Gradus Laurea Donati Sunt in Universitate Michiganensium. MDCCCXLVIII. A similar Catalogus Senatus Academici dated 1852 was appended to the catalogue of 1851-52. These were succeeded in 1860 by the General Catalogue of Officers and Graduates from … 1837 to 1860. Another General Catalogue appeared in 1864 and in 1871 the Catalogue of the Academic Senate of the University of Michigan, and of Those Who Have Received Its Regular and Honorary Degrees. For 1837-1890, 1837-1901, 1837-1911, the title is again General Catalogue, but for 1837-1921 it is Catalogue of Graduates, Non-Graduates, Officers, and Members of the Faculties.

In 1850-51 the name of the College of Arts and Sciences is dropped from the title of the annual catalogue, for the Department of Medicine and Surgery is now included. In 1851-52, however, two catalogues were published: Catalogue of the Officers and Students in the College of Arts and Sciences and Catalogue of Officers and Students in the College of Medicine and Surgery. Again in 1852-53 the College of Medicine issued a catalogue, although the Catalogue of the Corporation, Officers and Students in the Departments of Medicine, Arts and Sciences included material on the Department of Medicine.

On April 22, 1852, the Regents "Resolved, That in future but one General Annual Catalogue embracing both Literary and Medical Colleges shall be published by the Faculties or students with the sanction or assistance of the Board" (R.P., 1837-64, p. 512). With the catalogue for 1853-54, the names of the departments no longer appear in the title.

The early catalogues seem to have been prepared sometimes by a committee of students (R.P., 1837-64, pp. 380, 399, 512) and sometimes by the faculty (R.P., 1837-64, pp. 433, 445, 461, 524, 958). The 1852-53 catalogue of the College of Medicine and Surgery reads "Published by the Class." Until 1855 the majority were printed in Detroit, though four (1843-44, 1849-50, 1853-54, 1854-55) and an Abstract of the Annual Catalogue … for the Year 1855 were printed in Ann Arbor, and the Catalogue for 1847-48 in Troy, New York. With that for 1855-56, the catalogues bear the imprint of the University.

The catalogues for 1866-67 and 1867-68 were exhausted before the demand for them was satisfied, and supplementary "brief announcements" were issued, without titles. By 1871-72 the catalogue had grown to eighty-four pages. At this time the title was changed to Calendar of the University of Michigan. In 1914-15 it was again changed to Catalogue of the University of Michigan. In the 1919-20 issue, "With Announcements for 1920-21" was added to the cover title, although Page  1424the title page remained unchanged. With 1925-26 and 1926-27 "Announcements" on the cover title was changed to "General Information." Until 1922-23 all catalogues included a list of students. For this year there were two issues, one "Complete Without Register of Students" (cover title) and one including the register. On May 15, 1923, the Regents adopted the following resolution submitted by the Conference of Deans:

That hereafter the University Catalogue be published in two sections; one section to contain the usual matter found in the Catalogue with the exception of the register of students and to be known as the University Catalogue, the other section to repeat the faculty list and include the list of graduates of the preceding year, and the register of students enrolled during the year concerned, and to be known as the Register of Students; each section to be issued as a separate bulletin.

(R.P., 1920-23, p. 801.)
In 1925-26 and 1926-27 Catalogue and Register were not only issued separately, but also under one cover, which bore the title Catalogue and Register.

In 1919 the "desirability of appointing a University Editor who should be in charge of all printed matter issued by the University" was called to the attention of the Regents, who declined to make the appointment (R.P., 1917-20, pp. 654, 748). In May, 1925, however, the Board adopted the recommendation of a committee from the Deans:

The various University announcements and bulletins and the University catalogue should be edited under the supervision of the Registrar. It might be advisable to have a committee on publications, appointed by the President to act in conjunction with the Registrar in this matter.

(R.P., 1923-26, p. 610.)
In April, 1926:

The Board approved the action by the Committee on Publications … recommending the issuance of a general information bulletin in place of the general catalogue, and the binding together in one volume each year, in such number of volumes as the files require, of (a) this bulletin of general information, (b) the announcements of the several schools and colleges, and (c) the register of students.

(R.P., 1923-26, pp. 865-66.)
In November of this same year the Board acceded to the Registrar's request for a delay of one year in putting this plan into effect (R.P., 1926-29, p. 67). It was therefore the catalogue for 1927-28 which appeared in the new form, and under the cover title General Register. Since 1929-30 the cover title has been General Register Issue. This General Register appears in two volumes, and is made up of 16 to 20 parts, each part with its own title page.

With the establishment of the University of Michigan Press in 1930, the Committee on Official Publications of the Press was given charge of all official publications of the University, the editorial work under the above committee continuing in the Editorial Division of the Registrar's Office until 1945, when this editorial staff was also transferred to the Press.

Announcements. — In the earlier years many brief announcements were issued, usually with only caption titles, and often with no date. The latter can sometimes be supplied. University of Michigan, published about 1855, is a brief announcement or prospectus. In 1859 the opening of the Law Department was announced in University of Michigan. The Law Department. English in the University is signed by Moses Coit Tyler and Isaac N. Demmon, March 18, 1878. The Professorship of the Science and Art of Teaching is dated 1879, and Michigan University, Chair of the Science and Art of Teaching, 1880. This same year appeared Instructions to Applicants for Higher Degrees, and in 1881 or 1882 Circular for Preparatory Schools. An Page  1425Announcement to Preparatory Schools, giving "certain important changes in the requirements for admission," was issued in December, 1888, and a Supplementary Announcement to Preparatory Schools in May, 1889.

Two interesting announcements are Examinations for Admission to be Held in Chicago, Saint Louis, and Cincinnati, in 1882, and Examinations for Admission to be Held in Chicago, St. Louis and Dubuque, in 1885. In 1883 the University system was described in Department of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Circular of Information Relating to the University System. A Circular of Information in 1884 or 1885 gives statistics of Michigan as compared with institutions such as Cornell, Yale, and Harvard. Announcement to College Graduates Intending to Study a Profession and Studies Leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology appeared in 1885, and in 1889 Electrical Engineering.

Announcements have been issued by schools, colleges, and departments usually from their earliest years. These are the announcements, which, with the Bulletin of General Information and Register have formed the General Register. The titles have varied: Announcement, Annual Announcement, General Announcement, and many of them include List or Register of Students.

The first announcement of the Department of Medicine and Surgery was the Primary Announcement of the Course of Lectures … 1850-51. Those for 1860-61 to 1862-63, and 1865-66 were joint announcements of the "Departments of Medicine and Surgery, and Law." No announcements have been found for either the Department of Medicine or the Department of Law for 1863-64, 1864-65, and from 1866-67 to 1874-75. Beginning with the session of 1875-76 the announcements of the College of Medicine and Surgery, as it was then called, have continued without break. For the Department of Law there is a complete series from 1883-84 to date.

The announcements of the Department of Literature, Science, and the Arts appeared in a general Announcement from 1871-72 to 1874-75. Separate announcements have been issued continuously since 1878-79. Frequent supplements appear under varying titles, as Supplementary Announcement, Scheme of Lectures and Recitations for the First [or Second] Semester, Announcement for the First [or Second] Semester, Special Announcement.

The "School" of Pharmacy issued an announcement or prospectus about 1870 bearing the caption Department of Pharmacy in the University of Michigan and about 1873 another, School of Pharmacy. From 1880-81 the series is complete. The First Annual Announcement of the Dental College is for 1875-76. None has been found for 1876-77 to 1878-79. The Homeopathic Medical College issued an Annual Announcement from 1875-76 to 1921-22, with apparent lapses for 1878-79, 1880-81, 1887-88, and 1895-96. The School of Mines, which opened in September, 1875, issued a First Annual Announcement for 1875-76. No other has been found. Beginning with the academic year 1879-80 the name School of Mines was dropped, and the courses were included in the Catalogue under the Department of Literature, Science, and Arts.

The Department of Engineering issued its first announcement for the year 1895-96. Since 1898-99 this has borne the title General Announcement. Supplements, Program and Hours of Work, Schedule of Work, Second Semester, Special Announcement, First [or Second] Semester, have appeared almost from the beginning. Since 1905-6 a Special Announcement for each semester has appeared with considerable regularity. The Program of Hours and Work for the Year 1900-1901 is the only announcement Page  1426found for this year. From 1910 to 1915, and in 1917, the Department of Architecture issued announcements under varying titles: Announcement, Announcement. Work by Students, Programs of Study. Work by Students, and Bulletin. Work by Students. Since 1932-33 the College of Architecture has issued an Announcement.

For 1883-84 and 1887-88 appeared undated announcements with the caption Courses of Study for Graduates, Department of Literature, Science and the Arts. The Graduate School has issued its announcements since 1892-93. From 1921-22 to 1926-27 two annual publications were issued, a General Announcement and Announcement of Studies. Other schools have issued announcements since their organization. The School of Business Administration issued a Preliminary Announcement 1924-1925.

Special announcements concerning single subjects or groups of subjects have been issued by nearly every school and college.

President's Report. — Dr. Henry P. Tappan made his first report to the Board of Regents on November 15, 1853, covering the year 1852-53. The title page reads Report to the Board of Regents of the University of Michigan, made November 15th, 1853, by Henry P. Tappan, D.D., Chancellor of the University and President of the Board. Ann Arbor, Cole and Gardiner, Printers, 1853. From this time reports were made annually until the last one submitted by Dr. Angell, for the year ending September 28, 1909.

Reports for 1853-54 to 1908-9 were printed in the Proceedings of the Board of Regents, that for 1859-60, however, being an Abstract from the President's Annual Message instead of the full report. From 1853-54 to 1883-84 the President's Report forms a part of the Regents' Report to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and from 1884-85 to 1895-96 the President's reports, together with the financial reports and accompanying documents, were submitted as the Annual Report … to the Superintendent of Public Instruction. These were all printed in the Annual Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Separate issues are available for all except the reports for 1853-54, 1854-55, 1856-57 to 1864-65, and 1868-69. The Regents ordered five hundred extra copies of the report for 1864-65 (R.P., 1864-70, p. 180), but none has been found on the campus.

Interesting documents often accompany the President's Report, as well as appropriation bills and acts of the Legislature, and lists of appointments and of students. To the report for 1864-65 is appended the "Annual Statement for the President … on the Cabinets of Geology, Zoology and Botany." In 1865-66 and 1866-67, this report appears as "Statement …" and in 1868-69 as "Report of Operations in the Museum … in the Department of 'Geology, Zoology and Botany,' and the Department of 'Archaeology and Relics.'" These reports are by Professor Alexander Winchell. "Reports from the Deans of the Professional Schools and from the Professors of the Department of Literature, Science and the Arts" are appended to the reports for 1871-72, 1873-74, 1878-79, and 1879-80. From 1872-73 to 1908-9 the "Report of the Finance Committee" is appended. This report includes, from 1881-82 to 1891-92, the report of the treasurer. From 1892-93 to 1899-1900, and from 1907-8 to 1908-9 the report of the treasurer only accompanies the President's Report. From 1900-1901 to 1906-7 a "Financial Statement" made by the Finance Committee of the Board of Regents forms the appendix. "Financial Statement" continues to appear on the title page for Page  14271907-8 and 1908-9, though the report of the treasurer is actually appended.

With the report for 1875-76 is Professor William H. Pettee's "Report on the School of Mines" and an "Outline of the Educational System of Michigan" by Professor Henry S. Frieze. "Report of the Dean of the School of Political Science" (Charles Kendall Adams) accompanies 1881-82, and with 1882-83 to 1908-9 (except for 1891-92) was issued "Examinations for Degrees" (after 1896-97 "Examinations for Higher Degrees"), which lists the candidates and the titles of their theses. Reports on the summer session by John O. Reed are appended to 1902-3 to 1904-5. These appendices do not always appear with the President's reports in the Regents' Proceedings. The President's Report for 1898-99 was also issued, without the appendices, as Supplement to the University News Letter, No. 36, November 16, 1899.

Dr. Harry B. Hutchins, during his administration, discontinued the practice of making an annual report. After his retirement he began the preparation of a summary report for the period 1909 to 1920 (P.R., 1920-21, p. 5), but this was never completed.

Dr. Marion L. Burton resumed the practice, his first report covering the year 1920-21. Reports of general administrative officers, deans, and directors are appended to this report and continue so to the present time.

Official Publication. — In 1900, in order to take advantage of the low rates on second-class mail matter, as established in 1894, the University began to issue its administrative publications in a single series called University Bulletin. New Series. Two separate bulletins were given the numbering Volume I, No. 1. As the month of publication was omitted it is impossible to tell from the bulletins themselves which was actually the first. With Volume I, No. 2, the month (in this case May) was added and thereafter appears, with rare exceptions, on each bulletin. The titles University Bulletin. New Series and University of Michigan Bulletin. New Series were used interchangeably until 1927, when with Volume XXIX, No. 8, August 20, 1927, the title became Official Publication, and the New Series was dropped.

Catalogues, announcements, and reports issued since 1900 bear the title, volume, and number of the University Bulletin or Official Publication.