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Mountains and lake in Rusteon

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Mountains and valley

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Mountains in clouds

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Mountains of ore at blast furnaces

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Mounted Amazon Fighting a Panther.

August Kiss

1837-41; erected 1842


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Moveable Bridges

Cumberland River Draw Bridge on the Illinois Central


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Moveable Bridges

Iowa Central Railway Co.'s Vertical Lift Bridge over the Mississippi River at Keithsburg, Ill. Lift span raised to permit passage of boats. Designed and constructed by Waddell and Harrington, Consulting Engineers - Kansas City, MO.


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Moveable Bridges

Lift Bridge over Buffalo River, View of cofferdam. Cofferdam constructed of Lackawanna steel sheet piling. Cofferdam 30' x 60' in construction of a lift bridge for Buffalo Creek R.R.


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Moveable Bridges

Lift Bridge over Buffalo River. Circular cofferdam. Circular cofferdam constructed of Lackawanna steel sheet piling, for a Lake Shore & Mich. So. Bridge over the Buffalo River


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Moveable Bridges

Moving an old draw span over the Hackensack River on the Central Railroad of New Jersey by floating two barges. Moving to temporary position.


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Moveable Bridges

Strauss Double Deck Bascule Bridge being erected in Open Position at Ft. William, Ont.


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Movie theaters at Praca Monroe at end of Av. Rio Branco in city of Rio de Janeiro

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Moving sidewalk no 2, at the World Exposition 1900

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Mr. Mussolini at Vatican

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Mrs Carl Meyer and Her Children

John Singer Sargent


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Mrs Carl Meyer and Her Children

John Singer Sargent

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Mrs. Carl Meyer and her Children

John Singer Sargent


Mrs. Felix Wilkes (?) Apt. Dining alcove.

William Muschenheim

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Mrs. Frank Tengle, wife of a cotton sharecropper, Hale County, Alabama.

Walker Evans

[1935 or 1936]

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Mrs. Siddons

Thomas Gainsborough


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Mrs. Siddons

Sir Thomas Lawrence

ca. 1796-1798

Mschatta: Mohametan. Basilical audience hall and living-quarters.

c. 800 A.D.

Mschatta: Mohametan. Detail of famous frieze.

c. 800 A.D.

Mschatta: Mohametan. Detail of left entrance tower.

c.9th cen.

Mschatta: Mohametan. Entrance to Basilica of Palace.

c. 800 A.D.

Mschatta: Mohametan. Triple entrance to basilical hall (restored).

c. 800 A.D.

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Mt. Giewont in Polish Carpathian Mountain Range

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Mt. Hood from Lost Lake

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Mt. Kanchenjunga

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Mt. Olivet

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Mt. Sorapis in Dolomite mountains

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Mt. Stephen & Cathedral Peak

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Mt. Temptation

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Mt. Vernon Farms


Mt. Vernon. Aerial Drawing from Northwest. Fairfax Co.


Mt. Vernon. View of Rear from south. Fairfax Co.


Mt. Vernon. View of Rear from northwest. Fairfax Co.


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Mud brick walls of house

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Mud house

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Mud houses in village of Passe Vinte

Mudhuts (?).