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Full Record: x-ls012386/LS012386

Mme Matisse: Madras Rouge (The Red Madras Headdress)

Henri Matisse


Full Record: x-ls013199/LS013199

Mme Recamier

Jacques-Louis David

Full Record: x-ls012342/LS012342

Mme. Recamier

Francois Pascal Simon (Baron Gerard)


Mobile house. Plans and exteriors.

Corwin Willson


Full Record: x-ls000073/LS000073

Model of mastabas from the IV-Vth dynasty

Model of Solomon's Temple.

Model of Solomon's Temple. In front of Inner Court.

Full Record: x-ls017472/LS017472

Models of Milan Cathedral and Evreux Cathedral.

Full Record: x-ls017510/LS017510

Models of Salisbury, Lincoln, Canterbury, Norwich and Cathedral.

Full Record: x-ls007627/LS007627

Modern Apartments.

Modern German Clocks.

H. Möller

Full Record: x-ls012002/LS012002

Modern Jericho

Full Record: x-ls007082/LS007082

Modern Shops.

Fritz Schumacher

Full Record: x-ls006256/LS006256

Modern Street. Mexico City, Mexico

Moffatt's scheme for a garden-village at Ilford, Essex.


Mohammedan pendentive.

Full Record: x-ls016919/LS016919

Mohandas K. Gandhi

Full Record: x-ls011290/LS011290

Mohandas K. Gandhi

Full Record: x-ls011440/LS011440

Mohandas K. Gandhi sitting, with supporters flanked around him

Molds stripped from ingots

Mole Antonelliana. View from Capuchin Hill.


Moliere Fountain.

James Pradier


Moliere Fountain.

James Pradier


Molten iron placed in mixer

Molten metal flows thru cast iron troughs

Moltke Platz.

Full Record: x-ls013364/LS013364

Mona Lisa


Full Record: x-ls000581/LS000581

Monaco Pavilion. Exposition Universelle.


Monadnock Building. View up northeast corner.

Burnham & Root


Full Record: x-ls011784/LS011784

Monarchy timeline

Full Record: x-ls013517/LS013517

Monastery in village of Czestochowa

Full Record: x-ls001315/LS001315

Monastery of La Tourette.

Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris


Full Record: x-ls001314/LS001314

Monastery of La Tourette. Plan of entrance floor.

Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris


Full Record: x-ls012819/LS012819

Monastery of San Marco, Cloisters

Full Record: x-ls013484/LS013484

Monastery of Simonopetra on Mount Athos

Monastery Plan (Cistercian). Plan.

12th-14th cen.

Full Record: x-ls016781/LS016781

Monastery St. Catherine near Mt. Sinai, (Sinai Penninsula)

Monastery. Germany

Full Record: x-ls012430/LS012430

Monceaux Park

Full Record: x-ls012793/LS012793

Monceaux Park

Full Record: x-ls012988/LS012988

Monceaux Park

Full Record: x-ls013270/LS013270

Monceaux Park

Full Record: x-ls004829/LS004829

Monestery of La Tourette. Aerial view.

C. E. Jeanneret-Gris


Full Record: x-ls012722/LS012722

Monk (Fra Bartolomeo) Savaronola

Fra Bartolomeo


Monk's Barn.

Full Record: x-ls010753/LS010753

Monkey Pod Tree

Monotyper keyboard and caster.

George F. Trenholm and Ellsworth Geist

Early 1900s?

Full Record: x-ls010785/LS010785

Monplaisir Garden and Fountains at Peterhof

Mont St. Michael

Mont St. Michel

8th - 15th century