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Full Record: x-ls016094/LS016094

Llamas grazing

Full Record: x-ls016095/LS016095

Llamas herded

Full Record: x-ls016096/LS016096

Llamas herded

Full Record: x-ls016097/LS016097

Llamas herded

Full Record: x-ls016534/LS016534

Llower Rimac Valley

Full Record: x-ls015848/LS015848

Loading banana steamship

Full Record: x-ls015905/LS015905

Loading bananas

Full Record: x-ls015732/LS015732

Loading cane on field cars (Hasco)

Full Record: x-ls015808/LS015808

Loading coal

Full Record: x-ls015549/LS015549

Loading coal on Kanseishi pier

Full Record: x-ls016476/LS016476

Loading cotton onto ship at village of Pirapora

Full Record: x-ls015823/LS015823

Loading empty gas barrels at naval oil reserve

Full Record: x-ls016615/LS016615

Loading lumber onto ships in city of Victoria

Full Record: x-ls016962/LS016962

Loading Marble in Piraeus, Greece


Full Record: x-ls016579/LS016579

Loading nitrate in launches

Full Record: x-ls016257/LS016257

Loading nitrate onto steamer

Loading products of merchant bar mills

Full Record: x-ls015707/LS015707

Loading shipment coal in spite of derricks

Full Record: x-ls015550/LS015550

Loading soy bean cakes on steamer

Full Record: x-ls015696/LS015696

Loading train cars

Full Record: x-ls011205/LS011205

Lobby of Freer Gallery of Art

Full Record: x-ls015746/LS015746

Local assembled market

Local Venting of Water Closets

Full Record: x-ls005142/LS005142

Location of new Court House in the Saint Louis Civic Center.

La Beaume & Klein

Full Record: x-ls004764/LS004764

Location opportunities for arterial highways as related to land use and physical controls.


Full Record: x-ls013467/LS013467

Loch Broom

Full Record: x-ls013469/LS013469

Loch Cairnbawn

Full Record: x-ls013462/LS013462

Loch Corusik

Full Record: x-ls013458/LS013458

Loch Drumbeg in Drumbeg

Full Record: x-ls013475/LS013475

Loch Lomond

Full Record: x-ls013461/LS013461

Loch Lomond and Ben Lomond

Full Record: x-ls013470/LS013470

Loch Moy

Full Record: x-ls013464/LS013464

Loch Voil

Full Record: x-ls005410/LS005410


Locust Summit Central Breaker. Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co.

Full Record: x-ls015500/LS015500

Lodging on Hsueh Shan Pass

Full Record: x-ls016993/LS016993

Lodore Falls

Loft Building, E. 45th St.

Otto Stack

Log cabin

Log cabin

Full Record: x-ls002505/LS002505

Log Cabin. Exterior view.

Full Record: x-ls015640/LS015640

Log piles

Full Record: x-ls015426/LS015426

Log raft and S.M.R. Bridge

Log raft on Amur River

Full Record: x-ls015273/LS015273

Log Rafts

Log rafts

Full Record: x-ls012688/LS012688

Loggia dei Lanze

Loggia dei Lanzi.


Full Record: x-ls007400/LS007400

Loggia dei Lanzi.


Loggia di San Paolo.