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Housing conditions.

Housing development in St. Louis.

Full Record: x-ls005690/LS005690

Housing development, street car, and various advertisements.

Full Record: x-ls004205/LS004205

Housing for Mexican sugar beet workers, Saginaw Farms

August 1941

Full Record: x-ls004727/LS004727

Housing for the Lawrence Manufacturing Company

early 1830’s

Housing of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company

Full Record: x-ls004311/LS004311

Housing Project. Plan.

G. W. Kelham


Full Record: x-ls004367/LS004367

Housing project. East site plan.

A. H. Spahr


Full Record: x-ls002756/LS002756

Housing Project. Plan.

Charles Collens

Full Record: x-ls005933/LS005933

Housing Rehabilitation. Southwest Washington. Plan.


Housing Scheme. Astoria - Queens

May 6, 1934

Housing. Bangkok.

Housing. Capital of Uganda.

King Mtesa

Housing. Gabel Geon. Africa 1800+

Housing. Lake Chad. Africa.

Housing. Lake Village. Cranmog. Ireland & Scotland

Housing. Papuan Lake Village.

Howard Memorial Library. New Orleans.

H.H. Richardson

Full Record: x-ls005318/LS005318

Howell Motors Factory.

Full Record: x-ls013558/LS013558

Hradzin castle in quarter of Malastrana in city of Prague

Full Record: x-ls015452/LS015452

Hsingcheng hot spring

Full Record: x-ls004972/LS004972

Hudson Motor Car Company.

c. 1915-1918

Hudson Motor Company. Office building.

Albert Kahn, Inc.


Hudson Motor Company. Office building.

Albert Kahn, Inc.


Hudson Ordnance Plant. Truck farm in foreground.


Huge stone figures on avenue, leading to tombs of Kings

Full Record: x-ls010761/LS010761

Hula Dance

Full Record: x-ls007134/LS007134

Hulchrath. Plan.

Hulchrath. Plan.

Full Record: x-ls016011/LS016011

Hulling grain

Full Record: x-ls015989/LS015989

Hulling rice

Humboldt Park. Prairie River. General view.

Jens Jensen


Full Record: x-ls003227/LS003227

Humboldt Park. Prairie Rose Garden. View showing section of formal arrangement.

Jens Jensen


Full Record: x-ls003229/LS003229

Humboldt Park. Watercourse. View after restoring native flora.

Humboldt Park. Watercourse. View before restoring native flora.

Full Record: x-ls013315/LS013315

Hungarian Pavilion


Full Record: x-ls005117/LS005117

Hunkyville. Three years later

Huntington Street Houses. View north along east side of street.

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Hut along shoreline

Full Record: x-ls016730/LS016730

Hut by Forcados River

Full Record: x-ls016073/LS016073

Hut in Amazon forest

Full Record: x-ls016421/LS016421

Hut in Matto Grosso region

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