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Full Record: x-ls006233/LS006233

House for Dona Sofia. View of dining room and Kitchen

House for John L. Bennetts. Bedroom.

George F. Keck

Full Record: x-ls016057/LS016057

House in Amazon forest

Full Record: x-ls004522/LS004522

House in Detroit at River street and 24th


Full Record: x-ls000063/LS000063

House in Eygpt

Full Record: x-ls015513/LS015513

House in field

House in state of disrepair with dog at entrance. Exterior view

House in state of disrepair. Exterior side view

House in the Adelphi. London.England.

Robert Adam


House near city of Nonancourt in Normandy region

Full Record: x-ls010812/LS010812

House near mountain range

Full Record: x-ls008076/LS008076

House of a better class. Interior, showing elaborate fresco.

Full Record: x-ls007474/LS007474

House of Caspar Schild.

Full Record: x-ls012468/LS012468

House of Commons during Debate on Home Rule Bill

Full Record: x-ls003018/LS003018

House of Cornelius Rufus. Interior view, ruins.

1st century B.C.

Full Record: x-ls007783/LS007783

House of Dionysis.

Full Record: x-ls013117/LS013117

House of Faune

Full Record: x-ls016452/LS016452

House of Fazenda Registro

Full Record: x-ls012186/LS012186

House of Guarias (?)

House of John Humphrey Noyes.

Full Record: x-ls011858/LS011858

House of Louis XIV

Full Record: x-ls003650/LS003650

House of Mr. Herman B. Duryea. Facade.

Carrere & Hastings

Full Record: x-ls003013/LS003013

House of Pansa. Drawing reconstruction from Northwest, showing garden.

2nd century B.C.

Full Record: x-ls003014/LS003014

House of Pansa. Interior view: ruins.

2nd century B.C.

Full Record: x-ls000862/LS000862

House of Representatives and Senate Office Buildings.

Carrere & Hastings


House of Rubens.

Full Record: x-ls013214/LS013214

House of Seigneur

Full Record: x-ls012080/LS012080

House of Simon the Tanner's

Full Record: x-ls012081/LS012081

House of Simon the Tanner's

Full Record: x-ls006247/LS006247

House of the Bees. Details. Taxco, Mexico

Full Record: x-ls006246/LS006246

House of the Bees. Plan and Elevations. Taxco, Mexico

Full Record: x-ls006252/LS006252

House of the Bees: Inter. of Corridor & Detail of Wall Treatment. Taxco, Mexico

House of the Centenary. Section restored and as is.

1st century A.D.

House of the Falcons.

House of the Nereids or Meleager. Ground plan.

Full Record: x-ls003012/LS003012

House of the Vettii. View showing wall decoration in atrium.

2nd century B.C.

Full Record: x-ls006215/LS006215

House of Tiles

Full Record: x-ls000665/LS000665

House of Tomorrow. Century of Progress International Exposition, Modern Houses.

George Fred Keck


House of Tristan the Hermit.

15th century (?)

House of Tristan the Hermit. Courtyard.

15th century (?)

House of Vettii. View of mural decoration in the “North-east” room.

2nd century B.C.

Full Record: x-ls013066/LS013066

House Office Building

House on Bridge Street.

House on Cliveden Avenue

Carl A. Ziegler

c. 1928?

Full Record: x-ls016632/LS016632

House on grounds of botanical garden

Full Record: x-ls006823/LS006823

House on Linden Road. Bournville

Full Record: x-ls006824/LS006824

House on Linden Road. Bournville

House on river

House plan development. Plans.


Full Record: x-ls015508/LS015508

House tucked into mountains