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Apartment House (Unidentified). Exterior view.

De Klerk (?)

Full Record: x-ls003974/LS003974

Apartment House.

Full Record: x-ls002800/LS002800

Apartment houses (unidentified). Exterior, court view.

Karl Schneider

1930 (?)

Full Record: x-ls002984/LS002984

Apartment houses in center of town. Distant view.

Apartment houses. Plans of coupled house blocks and double house blocks.

D. M. Robinson

Full Record: x-ls015703/LS015703

Apeau market on Saturday from Cathedral Terrace in city of Port au Prince

Full Record: x-ls013339/LS013339

Apollo Attended by Nymphs sculpture and Grotto of Apollo sculpture at Versailles Park

Full Record: x-ls013232/LS013232

Apollo Gallery in the Louvre,

Full Record: x-ls012849/LS012849

Apollo of Belvedere

Full Record: x-ls012463/LS012463

Apollon Gallery

Full Record: x-ls007276/LS007276

Apostles Church.


Full Record: x-ls007277/LS007277

Apostles Church.


Apostles Church. Plan.


Full Record: x-ls011163/LS011163

Appellate Court

Full Record: x-ls015334/LS015334

Apple orchard

Appleton (T. G.) residence. Exterior view. Drawing.

Richard M. Hunt


Full Record: x-ls005834/LS005834

Approach to Capitol.

Full Record: x-ls016737/LS016737

Approaches to Gables

Full Record: x-ls007517/LS007517

Approching the city.

Full Record: x-ls007325/LS007325

Apse Interior. Cathedral

Apthorpe House.


Aqua Claudia. Side view of remaining arches.

A.D. 38

Full Record: x-ls003262/LS003262

Aqueduct (El Puente).

A.D. 109

Full Record: x-ls003263/LS003263

Aqueduct (El Puente).

A.D. 109

Full Record: x-ls006190/LS006190

Aqueduct and Fountain Built by Cortez.


Full Record: x-ls010897/LS010897

Aqueduct of Claudius, Lazio

Aqueduct of Hadrian. Angle view.

Aqueduct of Hadrian. General, long view.

Full Record: x-ls003261/LS003261

Aqueduct of Nero. View of fragment over roadway.

Aqueduct. View showing aqueduct and gateway below.

Aqueducts. Two maps showing the routes of the eleven aqueducts of ancient Rome.

Ara Pacis Augustae.

13. B.C.

Full Record: x-ls013338/LS013338

Arab Bazaar

Full Record: x-ls012781/LS012781

Arab bazaar scene

Full Record: x-ls016738/LS016738

Arab cemetary of extreme southern Tunisia

Full Record: x-ls016776/LS016776

Arab Dhow

Full Record: x-ls013286/LS013286

Arab Shops

Full Record: x-ls016799/LS016799

Arab village of reed mats & round fort on lower Euphrates, Mesopotamia

Full Record: x-ls011565/LS011565

Arabic women carrying loads on heads

Full Record: x-ls012548/LS012548

Arabs in Trocadero

Full Record: x-ls016299/LS016299

Araucaria pine forest

Full Record: x-ls005537/LS005537

Arborway Railroad crossing at Forest Hills

Arbour. Blodgett

Arc de Triomphe

Full Record: x-ls007032/LS007032

Arc de Triomphe

18th c.

Full Record: x-ls011359/LS011359

Arc de Triomphe

Full Record: x-ls012352/LS012352

Arc de Triomphe

Full Record: x-ls012788/LS012788

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel on the Place du Carrousel


Arc de Triumphe. Nancy. France


Full Record: x-ls004344/LS004344

Arcade Building.