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Hampton Court Palace. View east in base court towards Ann Boleyn's gateway.

1689-1702 Sir Christopher Wren

1515-36, 1689-1702

Hampton Court Palace. View east in Great Hall.

1689-1702 Sir Christopher Wren

1515-36, 1689-1702

Hampton Court Palace. View of East front of 'New ' Palace.

1689-1702 Sir Christopher Wren

1515-36, 1689-1702

Hampton Court Palace.Fountain court.

By Sir Christopher Wren

1689-1702 Sir Christopher Wren

1515-36, 1689-1702

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Hancock (John) House. Front facade.


Hancock Company Cottage.

Hancock Company Cottage. View in living room.

Hancock Company Cottage. View of porch.

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Hand chair

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Hand-crafted structures

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Hand-powered wood baths

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Handkerchief of St. Veronica

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Handling wheat crop

Hankow City plans (old and present day)

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Hansaviertel housing project. Aerial view of model.


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Hansaviertel. Apartment block. Angle view.

Alvar Aalto

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Harbor and city

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Harbor in city of Belem

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Harbor in city of Buenos Aires

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Harbor of city of Rio de Janeiro

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Harbor of Hamburg

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Harbor of Makalla

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Harbor with boats

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Harbor with unidentified building

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Harbor, Middle East

Harborne Plan.

Martin & Martin

Harborne Plan.

Martin & Martin

Harborne Plan. First scheme.

Martin & Martin

Harborne Road.

Hardwick Hall. Great Hall.

c. 1597

Hardwick Hall. Presence Chamber.

c. 1597

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Harmony in Grey and Green: Miss Cicely Alexander

James Abbott McNeill Whistler

1872- 1874

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Harold C. Brooks House. Exterior view.

Full Record: x-ls017064/LS017064

Harold C. Brooks House. Plan of first floor.

Harp Player.

Full Record: x-ls017047/LS017047

Harper and Brothers' Printing House. Façade.

James Bogardus


Harrison Building. Exterior views.

Cross & Cross

Full Record: x-ls002184/LS002184

Harrison Warehouse

Cope & Stewardson

Hartford Electric Fire Extinguiser Piping.

Hartford Plaza Building.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill


Full Record: x-ls002278/LS002278

Harvard (University) Medical School. Administration Building.

Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge


Full Record: x-ls002279/LS002279

Harvard (University) Medical School. Plan.

Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge


Harvard Club.

Mckim, Mead & White

1894, 1903, 1915