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Full Record: x-ls015882/LS015882

Green heart logs are transported by boat

Greendale Road Corner, Port Sunlight.

Full Record: x-ls013015/LS013015

Greenhouse Interior

Greenwich Hospital.

Christopher Wren

1618 - 35

Greenwich Hospital.

Christopher Wren

1618 - 35

Greenwich Hospital.

Christopher Wren

1618 - 35

Greenwich Hospital.

Jas Stuart

Grimani Palace.

Michele Sanmicheli

Full Record: x-ls007471/LS007471

Grindenlwald Chalet and Wetterhorn.

Full Record: x-ls015718/LS015718

Grinding coffee near Kinscoff

Full Record: x-ls012141/LS012141

Grinding wheat

Full Record: x-ls015415/LS015415

Grinding with blindfolded horse

Full Record: x-ls002526/LS002526

Griswold (J. N. A.) residence.

Richard M. Hunt


Full Record: x-ls004970/LS004970

Griswold Street, south from Michigan Ave.

c. 1905

Full Record: x-ls008248/LS008248

Grobe Fischergasse.

Full Record: x-ls004517/LS004517

Gross Point Track.


Gross-Siedlung Britz.

Bruno Taut and Matin Wagner

Bruno Taut and Matin Wagner

Full Record: x-ls004461/LS004461

Grosse Pointe Village Park: Rules for the village.



Full Record: x-ls017098/LS017098

Grosses Schaupielhaus. Interior of Auditorium.

Hans Poelzig


Full Record: x-ls010701/LS010701

Grossiedlung Brits.

Bruno Taut


Full Record: x-ls012181/LS012181

Grotto of Nativity

Full Record: x-ls003106/LS003106

Grotto, drawing.

Jean LePautre

Ground Plan. Louisiana Purchase Exposition.


Full Record: x-ls016148/LS016148

Ground view of irrigated Las Mazas basin

Grounds. State Capitol.

Grounds. State Capitol.

Full Record: x-ls004597/LS004597

Group fo the earliest tenement house plans

c. 1879

Group houses.

Rudolfo Weber

1937 (1941?)

Group houses.

Rudolfo Weber


Group in relief on the SE angle: THe Drunkenness of Noah. Palazzo Ducale (Palace of the Doges)


Full Record: x-ls016949/LS016949

Group of Batak people in front of house

Full Record: x-ls012424/LS012424

Group of children at Champs-Elysées

Full Record: x-ls010906/LS010906

Group of dignitaries outside of St. Peter's Cathedral (Basilica di San Pietro) [?]

Full Record: x-ls016887/LS016887

Group of indigenous women and children

Full Record: x-ls013024/LS013024

Group of men and woman posing

Full Record: x-ls013023/LS013023

Group of men posing

C. Ed Boesch (photographer)

Group of men sitting outside in ship yard

Full Record: x-ls016831/LS016831

Group of men with drums on island of La Gonave, Haiti

Full Record: x-ls005007/LS005007

Group of mill workers sitting outside the mill.

Full Record: x-ls016929/LS016929

Group of people gathered in Ongole, South India

Full Record: x-ls015355/LS015355

Group of people in street

Full Record: x-ls016985/LS016985

Group of people posed in an olive grove in Dougga

Full Record: x-ls015714/LS015714

Group of people posing

Full Record: x-ls016928/LS016928

Group of people posing in front of thatch roof school

Full Record: x-ls016126/LS016126

Group of people posing, man with guitar

Full Record: x-ls016953/LS016953

Group of people with parasols on a dirt road, boarding a coach

Full Record: x-ls010905/LS010905

Group of people, soldier, men in hats in door way of SSt. Peter's Cathedral (Basilica di San Pietro)[?]

Full Record: x-ls016950/LS016950

Group of seated people listening to a figure in white [missionary?]

Full Record: x-ls013548/LS013548

Group of veiled woman gathered in village of Prilep

Groupe Scolaire. Gymnasium.