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Full Record: x-ls010931/LS010931

Empress of Britain

Full Record: x-ls011964/LS011964

Ena and Betty, Daughters of Asther Wetheimer

John Singer Sargent


Full Record: x-ls016419/LS016419

End of road to Minas at Barao do Pilar

Full Record: x-ls013590/LS013590


Full Record: x-ls013589/LS013589

Engadin and Bernina Group

Full Record: x-ls013588/LS013588

Engadin in Upper Inn valley

Full Record: x-ls013593/LS013593

Engadin lakes seen from Muottas Muraigl

Full Record: x-ls016390/LS016390

Engenho da Rainha, suburb of city of Rio de Janeiro

Full Record: x-ls002032/LS002032

Engineering Dynamometer Building. General Motors Technical Center.

Saarinen, Saarinen and Associates


Full Record: x-ls017541/LS017541

England - Salisbury. A choice bit in the Close [?]

Full Record: x-ls006802/LS006802

England-Regional Planning.


Full Record: x-ls008140/LS008140

English Gothic Detail Vaults

Full Record: x-ls017459/LS017459

English Gothic Examples I.

Full Record: x-ls017506/LS017506

English Gothic Examples XVII.

Full Record: x-ls017447/LS017447

English Gothic Ornament II.

Full Record: x-ls017450/LS017450

English Gothic Ornament III.

Full Record: x-ls008141/LS008141

English Gothic Vaults

Full Record: x-ls017528/LS017528

English Vaulting. Lady Chapel (Peterborough), and tower (Salisbury)

Full Record: x-ls017514/LS017514

English Vaulting. Northeast and Southeast chapel from Ely Cathedral.

Full Record: x-ls006977/LS006977

Enlarged Plan of an Alley-way. Unidentified Workman's Colony.

Ennis (Charles) House. Close view from Southeast.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Full Record: x-ls002672/LS002672

Ennis (Charles) House. Close view from Southwest.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Ennis (Charles) House. Plan, and perspective.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Ennis (Charles) House. View of retaining wall from Southeast.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Full Record: x-ls007017/LS007017

Entering locks.

Full Record: x-ls007018/LS007018

Entering locks.

Full Record: x-ls012707/LS012707


Titian (Tiziano Vecellio)

Full Record: x-ls011949/LS011949

Entombment of Christ

Titian (Tiziano Vecellio)


Full Record: x-ls015913/LS015913

Entrance channel to harbor

Entrance doors of early 19th century.

19th century

Full Record: x-ls006311/LS006311

Entrance Drive. Unidentified Public Park


Entrance from Detroit.

Entrance from west (sanitarium).

Entrance gate with drawbridge. Chateau. Langeais, France


Full Record: x-ls016957/LS016957

Entrance into the Rockies

Full Record: x-ls011298/LS011298

Entrance of Forbidden City

Full Record: x-ls012241/LS012241

Entrance to Church of the Nativity

Entrance to a Hippodrome

Full Record: x-ls004117/LS004117

Entrance to a Park

Entrance to a Park

Full Record: x-ls004119/LS004119

Entrance to a Park

Entrance to Alcantara Bridge in city of Toledo

Full Record: x-ls007811/LS007811

Entrance to ampitheatre.

Full Record: x-ls011672/LS011672

Entrance to chateau of Hohenschwangau

12th century

Full Record: x-ls011761/LS011761

Entrance to Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Entrance to Close

Full Record: x-ls016351/LS016351

Entrance to Guanabara bay by city of Rio de Janeiro

Entrance to harbor in city of Dairen

Full Record: x-ls008202/LS008202

Entrance to Hermitage Museum.

Full Record: x-ls012955/LS012955

Entrance to Industrial Art Building