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Full Record: x-ls003493/LS003493

El Escorial. View South in sacristy of church of San Lorenzo el Real, 1575-82.

Juan de Herrera


Full Record: x-ls003489/LS003489

El Escorial. View West in Hall of Battles.

Juan Bautista de Toledo and Juan de Herrera


Full Record: x-ls003492/LS003492

El Escorial. West facade. West facade of church of San Lorenzo el Real, 1575-82.

Juan de Herrera


Full Record: x-ls011902/LS011902

El Jaleo

John Singer Sargent

Full Record: x-ls016252/LS016252

El Mista from west, valley Chili River and city of Arrquipa at its foot

Full Record: x-ls016530/LS016530

El Misti crator

El Salto del Agua.

Full Record: x-ls012089/LS012089

El-Aksa Mosque

Full Record: x-ls006352/LS006352

Electric Company. Framing supposrting reinforcement steel in boiler house basement floor

Electric Sign on Detroit Building; Fisk Balloon Cords.

Electric vacuum carpet sweeper.


Full Record: x-ls000652/LS000652

Electrical Building. Century of Progress International Exposition.

Raymond H. Hood


Full Record: x-ls000571/LS000571

Electricity Building. Exposition Universelle.

A.J. Henard


Full Record: x-ls000624/LS000624

Electricity Building. World’s Columbian Exposition 1893.

Van Brunt & Howe, architects. Carl Rohl-Smith, sculptor


Electricity Station. Accumulator Hall. Interior view.

Full Record: x-ls011316/LS011316

Elephant lifting lumber

Full Record: x-ls016720/LS016720

Elephant tusks on deck of ship

Elevated Railroad

Elevations, prize-winners.


Eleven story slab apartment block. Models.

Walter Gropius


Full Record: x-ls008164/LS008164

Elgin Cathedral. West Door.

ca. 13th century

Full Record: x-ls008163/LS008163

Elgin Cathedral. West Tower from the Choir.

ca. 13th century

Full Record: x-ls012064/LS012064

Elisha's Fountain

Full Record: x-ls004488/LS004488

Eliza Howell Park

Full Record: x-ls013505/LS013505

Elizabeth Bridge over Danube River

Full Record: x-ls005554/LS005554

Elizabeth Park

Full Record: x-ls006017/LS006017

Elks club.

Curlett & Beekman

Full Record: x-ls017287/LS017287

Elvira Studio. Façade.

A. Endell


Full Record: x-ls017288/LS017288

Elvira Studio. Façade.

A. Endell


Full Record: x-ls017485/LS017485

Ely Cathedral.

Full Record: x-ls017513/LS017513

Ely Cathedral.

Full Record: x-ls017532/LS017532

Ely Cathedral. Interior looking west.

Full Record: x-ls017518/LS017518

Ely Cathedral. Nave looking east.

Full Record: x-ls017531/LS017531

Ely Cathedral. Plan.

Full Record: x-ls017533/LS017533

Ely Cathedral. Root of nave.

Full Record: x-ls017516/LS017516

Ely Cathedral. Triforium.

Full Record: x-ls017519/LS017519

Ely Cathedral. West front.

Full Record: x-ls017512/LS017512

Ely Cathedral. West transept & tower.

Full Record: x-ls000867/LS000867

Embassy Building.

John M. Johansen

c. 1964

Full Record: x-ls000868/LS000868

Embassy Building.

John M. Johansen

c. 1964

Full Record: x-ls000866/LS000866

Embassy Building. Site plan, typical floor plan, and section.

John M. Johansen

c. 1964

Emerson House Entrance. Salem, MA

Full Record: x-ls015708/LS015708

Emigration to Cuba at village of Les Cayes

Full Record: x-ls012484/LS012484

Emperess Josephine

Pierre Paul Prudhon


Full Record: x-ls011748/LS011748

Emperor Napoleon

Robert Lefevre

Full Record: x-ls015523/LS015523

Emperor's palace

Emperor’s Castle.


Empire State Building.

Shreve, Lamb & Harmon


Full Record: x-ls012326/LS012326

Empress Eugenie

Franz Xavier Winterhalter

Full Record: x-ls012853/LS012853

Empress Josephine's Room