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Full Record: x-ls015896/LS015896

Dry river bed

Full Record: x-ls016210/LS016210

Drying cacao

Drying cocoa beans (for U.S. cocoa bean industry)

Full Record: x-ls016186/LS016186

Drying hides

Drying sheets of sailboats in city of Villefranche-sur-Mer

Full Record: x-ls015873/LS015873

Drying sisal fiber

Full Record: x-ls013555/LS013555

Drying tobacco

Full Record: x-ls015420/LS015420

Drying wheat

Full Record: x-ls015831/LS015831

Drying yards for grapefruits

Duane Street Building. Facade.

James Bogardus


Dudley castle and town.

Due des Chevaliers.

Full Record: x-ls015681/LS015681

Dug-out and rattan fish trap

Dulles International Airport. Ticket Lobby.

Eero Saarinen and Associates


Dumbell Tenement Airshaft with Bathtub.

Full Record: x-ls013510/LS013510

Dunajec Valley in Polish Carpathian Mountains

Full Record: x-ls017210/LS017210

Dunglass Castle. Interior drawing room fireplace.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh


Dunkerque (Dunkirk) Port

Full Record: x-ls004401/LS004401

Duplex House.

Early 1900s?

Full Record: x-ls004402/LS004402

Duplex Houses.

Early 1900s?

Full Record: x-ls005873/LS005873

Dupont Circle, Featuring Lamppost and New Hampshire Avenue Street Sign.

Dura-Europos. Syria. City.

Founded c.300 B.C.

Full Record: x-ls003449/LS003449

Durnstein on Danube. “Wachau”


Full Record: x-ls003450/LS003450

Durnstein. Base of tower and portal.


Full Record: x-ls007067/LS007067

Dusseldorf City Plan

Dusseldorf City Plans (old and new).

Dusseldorf Stadtplan (City Plan).

Full Record: x-ls007072/LS007072

Dusseldorf Water Front.

Dutton Street


Dutton Street Houses. Exterior view and plans.

Kirk Boott


Full Record: x-ls004903/LS004903

Dwelling of a Rich Man of 18th Dynasty. Egypt.

Full Record: x-ls004559/LS004559

Dwelling units in one-dwelling unit detached structures.


Full Record: x-ls004443/LS004443


Dwellings cut in Mountain.

Dwight Building. Front (east) facade.

Schmidt, Gardent & Martin


Dymaxion house.

Richard Buckminster Fuller


Dymaxion house. Interior.

Richard Buckminster Fuller


Full Record: x-ls016679/LS016679

Dynamiting logjam, Great Beauchene River

Dynamo Aquatic Stadium at Khimki.

Gennady Movcham


Full Record: x-ls009860/LS009860

Dynamo Stadium Entrance.

Archil Kurdiani


E'cole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures.

1882 (?)

E. M. Nichols House. Exterior View and Exterior Detail.

W.B. Griffin


E. T. Stotesbury, Esq. Estate.

Horace Trumbauer; J. Greber, Landscape architect

Full Record: x-ls005589/LS005589

E.G. Culpin et. al.

Eagle Tower. Haddon Hall. Derbyshire, England


Ealing Garden Suburb the Institute.

Ealing Garden Suburb.

Ealing Garden Suburb.

Ealing. Plan.

Full Record: x-ls006908/LS006908

Ealing. Road.