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Full Record: x-ls007323/LS007323

Door in Kriegstube. Town Hall


Doric Temple at Segesta in southwest Sicily

Full Record: x-ls011891/LS011891

Dorothea and Francesca

Cecilia Beaux


Full Record: x-ls007080/LS007080

Dortmund Theater Drawing.

Martin Dülfer

Full Record: x-ls007087/LS007087

Dortmund Theater.

Full Record: x-ls007088/LS007088

Dortmund Theater.

Dortmund Theater. Zuschauerraum Proszenium.

Martin Dülfer

Full Record: x-ls007620/LS007620

Douaumont Ossuary, with beacon light.

L. Azema, M. Edrei and J. Hardy


Full Record: x-ls011555/LS011555

Double decker automobiles on Battersea Bridge in city of London

Double grade crossing near the heart of Homestead.

Early 1900s?

Double House.

Early 19th Century

Double trapping of fixtures.

Douglas Park. Playground. View after lake was filled in for playground.

Jens Jensen

Douglas Park. Playground. View of useless shallow lake.

Jens Jensen

Full Record: x-ls013388/LS013388

Dove river in Dovedale

Dow (Alden B.) House.

Alden B. Dow


Full Record: x-ls005129/LS005129

Downtown St. Louis, Pine St. from 12th.


Downtown Traffic Plan.


Full Record: x-ls007238/LS007238

Dr. Brucke's House.

Full Record: x-ls012558/LS012558

Dr. Samuel A. Green

Full Record: x-ls011570/LS011570

Dr. Stait doing Medical Work

Dragon guarding front of Fohkin Guild Hall

Full Record: x-ls011237/LS011237

Dragon Screen

Full Record: x-ls011260/LS011260

Dragon Wall at Winter Palace

Drain near Northern Acropolis. Babylon

Drainage control valve.

Full Record: x-ls017889/LS017889

Draw Bridge

Details of Drum


Full Record: x-ls017890/LS017890

Draw Bridge

Details of Drum


Full Record: x-ls011772/LS011772

Drawing from Exposition Universelle of 1900 of Bridge of Alexander III

Full Record: x-ls011781/LS011781

Drawing of 1900 World Exposition in Paris

Full Record: x-ls013155/LS013155

Drawing of bridge, industrial port

Full Record: x-ls012298/LS012298

Drawing of buildings of Exposition of 1900,

Full Record: x-ls011783/LS011783

Drawing of city

Full Record: x-ls012633/LS012633

Drawing of city of Paris

Full Record: x-ls011640/LS011640

Drawing of Passion Play performance

Full Record: x-ls012662/LS012662

Drawing of Penn Station

Full Record: x-ls012599/LS012599

Drawing of performance in theater

Full Record: x-ls011137/LS011137

Drawing of The Mall, view from the U.S. White House

Full Record: x-ls012419/LS012419

Drawing of two women in conversation

Full Record: x-ls007444/LS007444

Drawing of Various Domes.

Drawing Room.

Drawing showing distance between buildings, sewer.

Drawing showing main roads in Germany.

Full Record: x-ls010874/LS010874

Drawing titled: Panorama "Around the World"

Full Record: x-ls007452/LS007452

Drawings showing Romanesque Church Systems.

Full Record: x-ls003847/LS003847

Dresden Court Church.


Full Record: x-ls013050/LS013050

Dresden porcelain

Full Record: x-ls015940/LS015940

Drinking from barrel cactus

Drive-in Restaurant.

Mies Van der Rohe


Full Record: x-ls014742/LS014742

Dry beds for coffee