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Der Romer (Town Hall). Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany

14th Century

Derby House. Front view.


Full Record: x-ls012855/LS012855

Descent from the Cross

Peter Paul Rubens

Full Record: x-ls011081/LS011081

Descent from the Cross


Full Record: x-ls011101/LS011101

Descent from the Cross

Paolo Veronese (Paolo Cagliari)

1576- 1582

Full Record: x-ls011109/LS011109

Descent from the Cross

Peter Paul Rubens

Full Record: x-ls011547/LS011547

Descent from the Cross

Peter Paul Rubens

1611- 1614

Full Record: x-ls016777/LS016777

Desert and Arabian city

Full Record: x-ls016694/LS016694

Desert and rock formation in Khartoum

Full Record: x-ls016552/LS016552

Desert near Mollando

Full Record: x-ls011801/LS011801

Desert ruins

Full Record: x-ls012049/LS012049

Desert scene with two men smoking pipe, with musical instrument and rifle

Full Record: x-ls011608/LS011608

Desert travelers, child riding camel

Full Record: x-ls011606/LS011606

Desert travelers, man riding camel

Design for Town Mansion. Germany

A. Slater

Full Record: x-ls008015/LS008015

Design for Auditorium.

De Renzi

Full Record: x-ls005779/LS005779

Design for Civic Center (1). Rochester, NY

Design for Subdivision of Land for Grande Avenue Land Co.


Full Record: x-ls005532/LS005532

Design of a park

Full Record: x-ls005001/LS005001

Design of Greendale with a "T" intersection of Broad Street and Northway.

Elbert Peets


Design of typical New York block system of the19th century.

19th century

Designs for garden pavilions.

Juste Aurele Meissonier


Full Record: x-ls015664/LS015664

Desselaines Palace

Destination of traffic approaching cities of various population groups.

c. 1954

Destroyed car shops of the Pennsylvania railroad.

c. 1879

Detached brick dwellings, four rooms and bath, $2700 to $2800.

Detached dwellings of the better type, Sixteenth Avenue, Munhall.

Detached frame houses, $5000 to $7000.

Full Record: x-ls004313/LS004313

Detached House 2/5 room flats.


Full Record: x-ls005067/LS005067

Detached House of 2, 5-room flats.


Detail d'une Fenetre avec les Volets mis en place.

Detail of map from around 1551.


Full Record: x-ls006046/LS006046

Detail of Road Construction

Detail of the Terrace. Haddon Hall. Derbyshire, England


Full Record: x-ls000068/LS000068

Detail view of Latticed Windows

Full Record: x-ls006379/LS006379

Details - window (?).

Details of 9 floor arches.

Details of apses at Qalb Lawzah.

Details of apses of Churches at Qal'at Si'man and Qalb Lawzah.

Details of construction.

Details of paneled and flat ceiling construction.

Details showing flat ceiling and ceiling without floor plate.


Harry Callahan


Detroit Boat Club. Detroit. Michigan. United States.

Albert Kahn


Detroit City Plan by Governor and Judge. Detroit. United States.


Detroit City Plan by Governor and Judge. Detroit. United States.


Full Record: x-ls004497/LS004497

Detroit Expressway Project.

Full Record: x-ls004495/LS004495

Detroit Expressway Project. Priorities # 1 & 2

Detroit Expressways - Priorities # 3, 4 & 5

Detroit Gas Company Building.

John Scott & Co.