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Workers’ housing. Views from West and plan.

Alvar Aalto


Workers’ row housing.

Alvar Aalto


Workers’ terrace row housing. View from Southwest and plans.

Alvar Aalto


Full Record: x-ls004133/LS004133

Worker’s Home. Exterior view.

Full Record: x-ls015726/LS015726

Working in cropfields

Working mass Housing


Full Record: x-ls006970/LS006970

Workingman's Street

Full Record: x-ls006929/LS006929

Workingmen's Cottages.

Workmen's colony plan.

Full Record: x-ls012969/LS012969

Works of the Exhibition: Reconstruction of Old Paris

Full Record: x-ls011793/LS011793


World Center of Communications.

Full Record: x-ls014815/LS014815

World Coffee Production

World Columbian Exposition. Chicago, Illionois. United States.


Full Record: x-ls014796/LS014796

World Mules and Asses Number

Full Record: x-ls014816/LS014816

World Sugar Production

Full Record: x-ls014817/LS014817

World Tobacco Production

Full Record: x-ls001957/LS001957

World Trade Center. View of model from Southeast.

Minoru Yamasaki and associates and Emery Roth & Sons


World's Columbian Exposition. Chicago. United States.


Full Record: x-ls010596/LS010596

World's Fair. Army Engineers Exhibit.

Full Record: x-ls010594/LS010594

World's Fair. Ease of Obelisk and Machinery Building.

Full Record: x-ls010597/LS010597

World's Fair. Horticultural Building.

Full Record: x-ls010591/LS010591

World's Fair. Merchant Tailors Building, south facade.

Full Record: x-ls010595/LS010595

World's Fair. View east towards Peristyle from bridge of North.

Full Record: x-ls010592/LS010592

World's Fair. White Star Building. View from Southeast.

World's Oldest Map. Estate-City of Ga-Sur

Full Record: x-ls000670/LS000670

World’s Fair.

1939 - 1940

Full Record: x-ls000671/LS000671

World’s Fair.

1939 - 1940

Full Record: x-ls007261/LS007261

Worms and Wiesbaden. Civic Theaters.

Full Record: x-ls013376/LS013376

Wormsley Valley in Chiltern

Full Record: x-ls016468/LS016468

Wreck of Manganese ore cars near Sobagy. Paahybuna River

Wright Building.

Eames & Young


Wrigley building and Sun Times reflection in window (?).

Wroclaw, Poland. Elizabethkirche.

1245, rebuilt end of 14th century

Wroclaw, Poland. Kreuzkirche.


Wroclaw, Poland. Sandkirche.

Wroclaw, Poland. Sandkirche. Interior, vaulting in south aisle.

Full Record: x-ls016690/LS016690

Wynard Square

Full Record: x-ls007998/LS007998

Yacht club in San Sebastian and Boat club house in Amsterdam.

M de Klerk, Aizpurua and Labayen

Yacht Club.

Oscar Niemeyer


Full Record: x-ls002816/LS002816

Yahara Boat Club Building. Plan and perspective.

Frank Lloyd Wright


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Yale University. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Night view of library.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill


Yale University. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Plan. Sections.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill


Yale University. Kline Science Center. Sketch view.

Philip Johnson


Yale University. Osborn Memorial Hall.

Full Record: x-ls002328/LS002328

Yale University. Stiles and Morse Colleges. Site plan.

Eero Saarinen, and associates


Yard Toilet (Outhouse), Chicago.

c. 1935

Full Record: x-ls017775/LS017775

Yardley Bridge over Delaware River

Arch centering and material cableway on Delaware Railroad Bridge


Full Record: x-ls017773/LS017773

Yardley Bridge over Delaware River

Spandrel Wall Forms for Yardley Bridge