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Full Record: x-ls011396/LS011396

Woman and child


Full Record: x-ls012331/LS012331

Woman and snake

Full Record: x-ls011246/LS011246

Woman arranging flower

Full Record: x-ls013554/LS013554

Woman baking bread

Full Record: x-ls013564/LS013564

Woman baking cake

Full Record: x-ls011271/LS011271

Woman combing girl's hair

Full Record: x-ls011731/LS011731

Woman dancer

Full Record: x-ls011732/LS011732

Woman dancer

Full Record: x-ls012784/LS012784

Woman emerging from doorway in stone wall

Full Record: x-ls016873/LS016873

Woman harvesting coffee berries (?)

Full Record: x-ls012207/LS012207

Woman having afternoon coffee

Full Record: x-ls011502/LS011502

Woman in rickshaw

Full Record: x-ls013445/LS013445

Woman poses in front of Upper Lake of Killarnery in Northern Ireland


Full Record: x-ls015671/LS015671

Woman sculpture

Full Record: x-ls011450/LS011450

Woman selling okra on street


Full Record: x-ls004359/LS004359

Woman sitting by the side of the road next to a “Lots for Sale” sign.

Full Record: x-ls015339/LS015339

Woman standing by group of large jars

Full Record: x-ls004770/LS004770

Woman standing in kitchen making bread.

Full Record: x-ls015354/LS015354

Woman standing on bridge

Full Record: x-ls015323/LS015323

Woman using mortar & pestle in North China

Woman washing dishes in sink.

Full Record: x-ls011481/LS011481

Woman wearing hat

Full Record: x-ls012478/LS012478

Woman with a Mustard Pot

Pablo Picasso


Full Record: x-ls012058/LS012058

Woman with baby and basket of fruit

Full Record: x-ls016007/LS016007

Woman with baby grinding grain

Full Record: x-ls011558/LS011558

Woman with sheer veil

Full Record: x-ls010772/LS010772

Woman's Building

Full Record: x-ls011600/LS011600

Women and children

Full Record: x-ls012282/LS012282

Women and children in robes and head scarves

Full Record: x-ls017478/LS017478

Women and man pose with a portrait of Millet and Rousseau carved into a boulder. Fontainebleau Forest.


Full Record: x-ls011451/LS011451

Women and man with baskets

Full Record: x-ls015680/LS015680

Women carrying loads on heads

Full Record: x-ls015701/LS015701

Women carrying loads on heads

Full Record: x-ls011283/LS011283

Women drawing

Full Record: x-ls011238/LS011238

Women eating in garden


Full Record: x-ls015985/LS015985

Women farming

Women filling and capping mustard jars.

Full Record: x-ls015320/LS015320

Women grinding in North China

Full Record: x-ls011289/LS011289

Women grinding mills

Mt. Abu

Full Record: x-ls015376/LS015376

Women harvesting crops

Full Record: x-ls006461/LS006461

Women in A.C. Parade.

Mexico City, DF

Oct. 1939

Full Record: x-ls005009/LS005009

Women in coil winding room of the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co.


Full Record: x-ls013036/LS013036

Women in geisha outfits playing instruments

Women picking mimose

Full Record: x-ls015338/LS015338

Women standing at doorway

Women stripping tobacco by the pound in factory.

Full Record: x-ls013565/LS013565

Women tilling in sugar beet field

Full Record: x-ls016920/LS016920

Women traveling by oxcart

Full Record: x-ls016012/LS016012

Women washing clothes

Women washing clothes on Dvina river