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Full Record: x-ls013190/LS013190

Washing in Brittany

Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan-Bouveret

Washing machine.


Full Record: x-ls012092/LS012092

Washing the Feet Ceremony

Washington - Environs. Regional Plan

Full Record: x-ls013152/LS013152

Washington Crossing the Delaware

Emanuel Leutze


Full Record: x-ls011529/LS011529

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. City PLan.


Full Record: x-ls001952/LS001952

Washington Life Insurance Building.

C. L. W. Eidlitz


Washington Memorial Arch. New york City.

Washington Memorial Arch. New York City.

Full Record: x-ls011889/LS011889

Washington Monument

Full Record: x-ls012521/LS012521

Washington Monument

Full Record: x-ls005514/LS005514

Washington Park

Kelsey and Guild Landscape Architects

Full Record: x-ls005517/LS005517

Washington Park

Kelsey and Guild Landscape Architects

Washington Park. Chicago. NW Shelter

Washington School.

Ernest M. Wood


Full Record: x-ls002255/LS002255

Washington School. Plan.

Ernest M. Wood


Full Record: x-ls005553/LS005553

Washington St. Hartford, CT

Washington St. with Elms and Maples. Hartford, CT

Full Record: x-ls000710/LS000710

Washington State Buliding. Louisiana purchase exposition.

Heide and De Aut


Full Record: x-ls011523/LS011523

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. The Mall and Vincinity.


Full Record: x-ls017005/LS017005

Wastdale Village and Valley

Full Record: x-ls007257/LS007257

Waste road.

Full Record: x-ls016810/LS016810

Watch tower of Habab in Upper Yemen

Full Record: x-ls012367/LS012367

Watching puppet show at Grand Guignol, Jardin de Luxembourg

Full Record: x-ls015796/LS015796

Water barrel in country estate house

Full Record: x-ls012134/LS012134

Water carrier

Full Record: x-ls007813/LS007813

Water Channel in Ampitheatre.

Full Record: x-ls016765/LS016765

Water channel in Syk

Full Record: x-ls016824/LS016824

Water distillation

Full Record: x-ls016145/LS016145

Water front at Asuncion and low Chaco on farther shore

Full Record: x-ls015677/LS015677

Water hole (Ile a Gonave)

Full Record: x-ls015722/LS015722

Water hole on Ile a Gonave

Full Record: x-ls000601/LS000601

Water Palace and Champs de Mars. Exposition Universelle.

J. B. Paulin


Full Record: x-ls005411/LS005411

Water rapids

Full Record: x-ls016588/LS016588

Water station on F.C. Central del Peru

Full Record: x-ls005204/LS005204

Water Street and Wenonah Hotel before. Wenonah Park

Water Street from Hotel After. Wenonah Park

Full Record: x-ls015947/LS015947


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Full Record: x-ls016000/LS016000

Waterfall in Kango Mountains

Full Record: x-ls016998/LS016998

Waterfall in Rydal Park

Full Record: x-ls012648/LS012648

Waterfalls with town in background

Full Record: x-ls005548/LS005548

Waterfront / Riverfront

Full Record: x-ls016288/LS016288

Waterfront in city of Girardot