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Full Record: x-ls011406/LS011406

View of Pearl Mosque from Delhi Fort (Diwan-i-Khas)



Full Record: x-ls013061/LS013061

View of Pennsylvania Avenue from U. S. Capitol

View of plumbing?

Full Record: x-ls002885/LS002885

View of Porte Saint-Andre.

Full Record: x-ls006636/LS006636

View of Rio de Janeiro.

Full Record: x-ls005279/LS005279

View of Road entering Harbor Springs.

Full Record: x-ls010898/LS010898

View of Roman Forum from the Bell Tower of S. Francesca

Full Record: x-ls016423/LS016423

View of Rue Joncalues Dias, looking toward Ouvidar

Full Record: x-ls000213/LS000213

View of ruins of theater and Temple of Apollo.

2nd Century B.C.

Full Record: x-ls005849/LS005849

View of Seattle.


Full Record: x-ls005004/LS005004

View of street corner at School Way of unidentified town.

Full Record: x-ls012960/LS012960

View of Street of Nations

View of Streets and Buildings, East of Station, Harbor Springs.

View of Streets, Dusseldorf.

Full Record: x-ls011287/LS011287

View of Taj Mahal from Jasmine Tower

Full Record: x-ls011493/LS011493

View of Taj Mahal from lake

Shah Jahan


Full Record: x-ls006869/LS006869

View of tennis courts, gardens, and apartments, Hampstead.

View of the backs of typical Hampstead Tenants' Cottages.

Full Record: x-ls005522/LS005522

View of the city from skyline parkway

View of the city from skyline parkway

View of the city from skyline parkway

Full Record: x-ls008049/LS008049

View of the city of Agra .

View of the city of Bingen.

Full Record: x-ls007038/LS007038

View of the city of Lyons.


View of the city.

Full Record: x-ls007698/LS007698

View of the coast.

Full Record: x-ls000120/LS000120

View of the great pyramids at sunset.

View of the Rockies from Cheesman Memorial, Denver.

c. 1916

Full Record: x-ls016999/LS016999

View of the Rothay, at Rydal

View of the Tower of London, from the River.

Full Record: x-ls007707/LS007707

View of the village of Castle-Combe.

Full Record: x-ls010989/LS010989

View of Trichinopoly, northeast across town towards temples and Rock Fort

Full Record: x-ls013124/LS013124

View of Tuileries Gardens from Flora Pavilion

View of Unter den Linden from Brandenburg Gate.

Full Record: x-ls008137/LS008137

View of Water Front. Algiers, Algeria

Full Record: x-ls008138/LS008138

View of Water Front. Algiers, Algeria

Full Record: x-ls010826/LS010826

View of Winter Palace (now Hermitage Museum, Art Palace) from Palace Square

Full Record: x-ls004011/LS004011

View of yard and laundry from street

Full Record: x-ls004012/LS004012

View of yard and laundry from street

View S.E. toward South part of city from Burggarten.

Full Record: x-ls017203/LS017203

View southeast along Seine, toward Pont St. Michel from Pont Neuf.

View Southwest in Administration Building. S. C. Johnson and Son, Inc.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Full Record: x-ls003509/LS003509

View toward the Sierra Nevada.

Full Record: x-ls004971/LS004971

View up river from Dime Bank Building, looking over Pontchartrain Hotel and Cadillac Square.


View West along South wall.

13th century

Full Record: x-ls011633/LS011633

View west from Ha-Ta-Men, soldiers

Full Record: x-ls000563/LS000563

View(west) of old Paris from Alma Bridge. Exposition Universelle.


Views between 1st and 2nd floors. Looking through parts that fell

Full Record: x-ls001938/LS001938

Views of lower Manhattan from the East.


Viipuri. Finland.