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Full Record: x-ls012537/LS012537

Unidentified portrait of boy or woman

Full Record: x-ls010867/LS010867

Unidentified portrait of crowned man on a throne, royalty

Full Record: x-ls012937/LS012937

Unidentified portrait of woman

Full Record: x-ls006691/LS006691

Unidentified Private house at West End.

Full Record: x-ls006300/LS006300

Unidentified Railroad Bank Planting

Full Record: x-ls006298/LS006298

Unidentified Railway Station Treatment

Full Record: x-ls006301/LS006301

Unidentified Reinforced Concrete Shed

Full Record: x-ls012758/LS012758

Unidentified religous painting of angels overlooking lions, tigers, beasts with piles of dead bodies

Full Record: x-ls004861/LS004861

Unidentified Residence

Unidentified residence

Unidentified residences with Curch in the foreground

Full Record: x-ls005434/LS005434

Unidentified Residences with kids standing on the sidewalk

Full Record: x-ls005108/LS005108

Unidentified residential buildings

Unidentified Residential development

Unidentified residential neighborhood with cars parked on street

Unidentified Restaurant.

Full Record: x-ls008275/LS008275

Unidentified River.

Full Record: x-ls012812/LS012812

Unidentified riverfront

Full Record: x-ls011169/LS011169

Unidentified riverfront, ships shored

Unidentified road cut

Full Record: x-ls005217/LS005217

Unidentified Road. Bellaire, MI

Full Record: x-ls012361/LS012361

Unidentified room

Unidentified row housing and lawns.

Full Record: x-ls006053/LS006053

Unidentified Rubbish Box and Two Men

Full Record: x-ls016029/LS016029

Unidentified ruins, man and llamas in foreground

Unidentified run down apartment building.

Full Record: x-ls005162/LS005162

Unidentified run-down housing.

Full Record: x-ls016090/LS016090

Unidentified rural building, church?

Full Record: x-ls016402/LS016402

Unidentified rural buildings

Full Record: x-ls006263/LS006263

Unidentified Rural School House. After

Full Record: x-ls011790/LS011790

Unidentified scene, possibly parliment

Unidentified School Grounds Plan

Full Record: x-ls005159/LS005159

Unidentified School.

Full Record: x-ls005213/LS005213

Unidentified School. Bay City, MI

Full Record: x-ls006261/LS006261

Unidentified Schoolgrounds # 1

Unidentified Schoolgrounds # 3

Full Record: x-ls011357/LS011357

Unidentified sculpture



Full Record: x-ls012339/LS012339

Unidentified sculpture with pool

Full Record: x-ls011657/LS011657

Unidentified sculpture, bust


Full Record: x-ls013171/LS013171

Unidentified sculpture, person wearing cape

Rene St. Marceaux

Full Record: x-ls013340/LS013340

Unidentified sculptureof nude looking at her foot

Full Record: x-ls013113/LS013113

Unidentified seascape painting of a wave

Charles Herbert Woodbury

Full Record: x-ls013343/LS013343

Unidentified seascape painting of waves crashing on beach

Unidentified shack and other buildings.

Full Record: x-ls013186/LS013186

Unidentified sketch of woman in robes holding a hoop

Unidentified Smoke Nuisance

Full Record: x-ls006055/LS006055

Unidentified Smoke Nuisance over Unidentified City Roftops

Full Record: x-ls006054/LS006054

Unidentified Smoke over Unidentified City

Full Record: x-ls007516/LS007516

Unidentified square.

Full Record: x-ls013092/LS013092

Unidentified stain glass image of angels