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Full Record: x-ls013345/LS013345

The Three Ladies of Ghent

Jacques Louis David

Full Record: x-ls012946/LS012946

The Three Sisters

Palma Vecchio


Full Record: x-ls012574/LS012574

The Transfiguration


Full Record: x-ls011340/LS011340

The Transfiguration (detail)



Full Record: x-ls006849/LS006849

The Triangle, Bournville

Full Record: x-ls005229/LS005229

The Triangle. Benton Harbor, MI

Full Record: x-ls006830/LS006830

The Triangle. Bournville

The Triangle. Bournville

The Triangle. Bournville

Full Record: x-ls012703/LS012703

The Triumph of Venus

Paolo Veronese (Paolo Cagliari)

The turreted battering ram attacking walls of a town.

Full Record: x-ls005971/LS005971

The Universally Lower Buildings Around the Congested Tip. New York, NY

Full Record: x-ls012381/LS012381

The Village Betrothal

Jean-Baptiste Greuze


Full Record: x-ls006810/LS006810

The village block.

Donn Barber

Full Record: x-ls004662/LS004662

The Village Center. Plan.

17th century?

The Village Club and "The Folds," Port Sunlight.

Grayson, Ould, Owens, Hough

Full Record: x-ls006826/LS006826

The Village Inn. Bournville

Full Record: x-ls011612/LS011612

The Virgin

Abbot Handerson Thayer

Full Record: x-ls010726/LS010726

The Virgin and Child


Full Record: x-ls010858/LS010858

The Virgin and Child


Full Record: x-ls012329/LS012329

The Virgin and Child

Pietro di Cristoforo Vannucci (Le Perugin)

Full Record: x-ls013287/LS013287

The Virgin and Child

Titian (Tiziano Vecellio)

Full Record: x-ls010779/LS010779

The Virgin and Child, Saint Francois and Saint Jean

Andrea del Sarto

Full Record: x-ls011543/LS011543

The Virgin and the Infant



Full Record: x-ls012831/LS012831

The Virgin and Two Angels crying at the Death of Christ

Francesca Francia

Full Record: x-ls012483/LS012483

The Virgin of the Rocks

Leonardo da Vinci


Full Record: x-ls012407/LS012407

The Virgin with Chancellor Rolin

Jan Van Eyck


Full Record: x-ls002729/LS002729

The Virginia. Exterior view.

The Visitation

Mariotto Albertinelli


Full Record: x-ls012992/LS012992

The Wave

Thomas Alexander Harrison

Full Record: x-ls011716/LS011716

The Wedding Feast at Cana (detail)

Paolo Veronese (Paolo Cagliari)


Full Record: x-ls011909/LS011909

The White Symphony: Three Girls

James Abbott McNeill Whistler


Full Record: x-ls011851/LS011851

The Woman of the Levite of Ephraim


Full Record: x-ls011846/LS011846

The Workshop


Full Record: x-ls013090/LS013090

The Wyndham Sisters, Lady Elcho, Mrs Adeane, Mrs Tennant

John Singer Sargent


Full Record: x-ls011951/LS011951

The Wyndham Sisters: Lady Elcho, Mrs. Adeane, and Mrs. Tennant

John Singer Sargent


Full Record: x-ls012474/LS012474

The Yeoman of the Guard

Sir John Everett Millais


Full Record: x-ls010783/LS010783

The Young Piper

Edouard Manet


The Zig Zag Billboards.

Full Record: x-ls008238/LS008238

The Zwingerhof Palace.

Full Record: x-ls000218/LS000218


c.300 B.C.

Full Record: x-ls007568/LS007568

Theater der Kunstgewerbe Ausstellung. Konstruktionsperspektive.

A. and G. Perret


Full Record: x-ls005680/LS005680

Theater District. New York, NY

Theater in Dortmund, view from stage.

Full Record: x-ls010876/LS010876

Theater of Bonshommes Guillaume

Full Record: x-ls000212/LS000212

Theater of Dionysos. Priest’s Chair.

c. 330 B.C.

Full Record: x-ls000549/LS000549

Theater of Marcellus.

40 - 13 B.C.

Full Record: x-ls000550/LS000550

Theater of Marcellus.

40-13 B.C.

Full Record: x-ls000551/LS000551

Theater of Marcellus.

40-13 B.C.

Full Record: x-ls000552/LS000552

Theater of Marcellus.

40-13 B.C.