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Bournville Village Trust, Plan Showing Portion Laid out for Building.


Bournville Vital Statistics Advertisement (comparison with Birmingham).

Bourse du Commerce. (Produce Exchange)

Full Record: x-ls010974/LS010974

Bow Falls in Banff National Park

Bowerman House, West Falmouth, MA

Full Record: x-ls011665/LS011665

Boy and oxen, Unidentified chateau in background

Full Record: x-ls010987/LS010987

Boy clad in turban wading in water, possibly oasis

Full Record: x-ls011441/LS011441

Boy Scouts practicing first aid

Boy standing on ladder rested against horse-drawn cart full of tall buckets

Full Record: x-ls011400/LS011400

Boy studying Koran

Full Record: x-ls011592/LS011592

Boys in dormitory

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Boys Singing from a Scroll. From the Cantoria

Luca della Robbia


Boys standing near a community made shrine

Full Record: x-ls016014/LS016014

Boys with carved sculptures

Full Record: x-ls016921/LS016921

Brahmin House

Full Record: x-ls011809/LS011809

Brahmin widow with her Sacred Pamphelia, worshiping

Brandenberg Gate. Berlin. Gernany.

K.G Langhans


Brandenburg Gate


Full Record: x-ls003837/LS003837

Brandenburg Gate.

Karl Gotthard Langhans

Full Record: x-ls002944/LS002944

Brandenburg Gate. Close view.

K. G. Langhans


Brasilia, Brazil.

Brasilia, Brazil. Cathedral.

Brasilia, Brazil. City.

Brasilia, Brazil. City.

Brasilia, Brazil. City.

Brasilia, Brazil. Theater.

Brasilia, Brazil.Theater

Brat Wurst Gloeckle.

Full Record: x-ls008471/LS008471

Brat Wurst Gloeckle. Interior.

Full Record: x-ls013551/LS013551

Bratianu Boulevard in Bucharest

Full Record: x-ls004577/LS004577

Brattle Square (Street) Church.


Full Record: x-ls016520/LS016520

Brazil - Immigration 1820-1930

Full Record: x-ls016310/LS016310

Brazil - Venezuela boundary on upper Negro river

Full Record: x-ls016133/LS016133

Brazil nuts in Amazon forest

Full Record: x-ls000682/LS000682

Brazilian Pavilion. Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

Col. F. M. de Souza Aguiar


Bread Factory.

Wchutein group, nd.

Full Record: x-ls004641/LS004641

Bread line at Woods Run.

April 1908

Full Record: x-ls016988/LS016988

Breaking Sod in Tunisia

Full Record: x-ls012267/LS012267

Breaking the Bread

Full Record: x-ls005387/LS005387


Full Record: x-ls016470/LS016470

Bredermann's sawmill near Apucarana - making veneer for ceilings of Perobu and Pine

Full Record: x-ls012371/LS012371

Breton Women at a Pardon



Full Record: x-ls003380/LS003380

Brewton (Miles) House.

Ezra Waite


Full Record: x-ls006981/LS006981

Brick and Steel Houses. Watling, Bahamas

Brick Block, Dutton Street

Full Record: x-ls016800/LS016800

Brick factory near Nineveh, Mesopotamia

Full Record: x-ls003347/LS003347

Brick Market.

Peter Harrison


Brick Market. North Front.

Peter Harrison


Full Record: x-ls000375/LS000375

Brick-lined Roman drain.

Full Record: x-ls015424/LS015424