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Temple of Vespasian.

79 A.D.

Full Record: x-ls016968/LS016968

Temple of Zeus

Temple St. Jean.

4th century

Full Record: x-ls001382/LS001382

Temple St. Jean. Facade

4th century

Full Record: x-ls000104/LS000104

Temple-pyramid of Mentuhotep III. Plan.

2196 - 2124 B. C.

Full Record: x-ls000105/LS000105

Temple-pyramid of Mentuhotep III. Restoration.

2196 - 2124 B. C.

Temples. Construction Views.

Temples. Derivation of palm form column.

Temples. Derivation of the lotus form column.

Temples. East façades of temples (restoration).

Temples. Exterior view of temples from the south (restoration).

Full Record: x-ls000466/LS000466

Temples. Plans, sections and facades (rendering).

Tenaments showing same lot area with open healtful courts

Full Record: x-ls008188/LS008188

Tenement Dwellings. One Floor of a Block of Simplified Type of Accommodation.

Full Record: x-ls004989/LS004989

Tenement House Building Company. Plan and photo of a building.


Full Record: x-ls004696/LS004696

Tenement Housing Alley

Full Record: x-ls004706/LS004706

Tenement Housing stairwell faucet


Full Record: x-ls004695/LS004695

Tenement Housing.

Tenement Interior, Chicago. African American without modern conveniences

c. 1935

Tenement Stairs.

Tennis Court. Oyster Bay, LA

Gavin Hadden

Full Record: x-ls012157/LS012157

Tenth Station of the Cross, Via Dolorosa

Full Record: x-ls006206/LS006206

Tercera Orden.

Terminal Stores Warehouse. New York.

C.B . Mallory


Terminal Tower Building. Aerial view over central business district-at left Terminal Tower Building.

Graham, Anderson, Probst & White


Full Record: x-ls006907/LS006907


Terra cotta arch construction.

Terra cotta arch construction. 1871 patented.


Terra cotta arch construction. Early form.

Full Record: x-ls013035/LS013035

Terrace of Nations, Italian Palace

Full Record: x-ls000691/LS000691

Terrace of States. Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

Emmanuel L. Masqueray


Terrace Plaza Hotel. Dining area.

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill Architects


Terrace Plaza Hotel. Exterior View.

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill Architects


Terrace Plaza Hotel. Interior view of lobby.

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill Architects


Full Record: x-ls016528/LS016528

Terraced valley bottom near Ollantaytambo

Full Record: x-ls013649/LS013649

Terraced vineyard in Rhine Vally near Rudesheim.

Full Record: x-ls015843/LS015843

Terraces and ditches to prevent erosion

Full Record: x-ls016532/LS016532

Terraces in Rimac Valley

Full Record: x-ls010743/LS010743

Territory of Hawaii

Terzaghi House.

G. Holmes Perkins


Terzaghi House. Interior view: dining room.

G. Holmes Perkins


Testing steel

Thames River Bridge (Project).

Thomas Telford, designer


Full Record: x-ls013375/LS013375

Thames Valley

Full Record: x-ls000053/LS000053

Thannhauser Art Gallery

Luckhardt Brothers and Alfons Anker


Full Record: x-ls007708/LS007708

Thatched cottage.

Full Record: x-ls015315/LS015315

Thatched huts and unidentified activity

The "Freeway". Drawing of typical cross-section of a freeway.


The "Freeway". Plan and residential development.

c. 1932

Full Record: x-ls007886/LS007886

The "Old Church" at Laaken.