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Full Record: x-ls016961/LS016961

Street scene in Kairouan, Tunisia


Full Record: x-ls011036/LS011036

Street scene in Leningrad

Full Record: x-ls015277/LS015277

Street scene in unidentified city

Full Record: x-ls015280/LS015280

Street scene in unidentified city

Full Record: x-ls015288/LS015288

Street scene in village of Harbin

Full Record: x-ls015287/LS015287

Street scene in villlage of Halung

Full Record: x-ls004200/LS004200

Street scene showing C.A. Johnson & Son and McCollum Grocery Co.

c. 1929

Full Record: x-ls017109/LS017109

Street scene showing the French army marching.

Full Record: x-ls011050/LS011050

Street scene with carriage, automobile and pedestrians

Full Record: x-ls005272/LS005272

Street Scene, Harbor Beach.

Full Record: x-ls005273/LS005273

Street Scene, Harbor Beach. Huron Avenue, Looking North.

Full Record: x-ls005285/LS005285

Street Scene, Hillsdale.

Street Scene, including Corner Drug Store, Harbor Beach.

Full Record: x-ls015302/LS015302

Street scene, walled village of Hsinking

Street scene.

T. B. Auqur

Street Scene. Kohler Village. Kohler .


Full Record: x-ls004602/LS004602

Street sweepers

Nov. 14, 1868

Full Record: x-ls006988/LS006988

Street View

Street view.

Full Record: x-ls013397/LS013397

Street with church

Full Record: x-ls013278/LS013278

Street, with soldier and pedestrians

Full Record: x-ls007073/LS007073

Streetcar Shed.

Full Record: x-ls005145/LS005145

Streetcar uptown street, Crend (?) and N. Market.


Full Record: x-ls010706/LS010706

Streets in Tlacotalpan.

Strehlen, Church. Looking toward altar.

Schilling & Graebner


Strip mining of ore close to surface

Full Record: x-ls014754/LS014754

Stripping coffee from branches

Structure of Planes. Model, showing basic principles

Wchutein group


Full Record: x-ls004822/LS004822

Sts. Peter and Paul Jesuit Church. Exterior, angle view.

Fr. La Tourno


Sts. Peter and Paul Jesuit Church. Interior: altar, showing Greek detail.

Fr. La Tourno


Sts. Peter and Paul Jesuit Church. Original design. Rendering.

Fr. La Tourno


Sts. Peter and Paul Jesuit Church. Plan.

Fr. La Tourno


Full Record: x-ls002019/LS002019

Studebaker Carriage Building. Front (west) facade.

Solon S. Beman


Full Record: x-ls011927/LS011927

Study for "The Venetian Blind"

Edmund Tarbell


Study for a Suspension Bridge

Full Record: x-ls007442/LS007442

Study for Entrance to a Zoological Garden. Germany

Full Record: x-ls012940/LS012940

Study for Minnesota, Granary of the World mural at the Minnesota State Capitol

Edwin Howland Blashfield

Full Record: x-ls006627/LS006627

Study in a Mexican Residence.

Full Record: x-ls014716/LS014716

Stump fence and clear-cut forest land in state of Michigan

Stuttgart, portion planned. 1860-1870 (top), 1902 (bottom).

1860-1870, 1902

Stuttgart, Universum. Stage seen from balcony.

Eitel, Schmale, G. Stackelm?

Stuttgart. Contrast plans.



Subdivision at Flossmoor

Subdivision at Flossmoor

Subdivision bunk.

Full Record: x-ls006493/LS006493

Subdivision on Insurgentes. Paving.


Subdivision on Insurgentes. Paving.


Subdivision with school in the center near Okland

Subdivision. Plan.