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State Lunatic Hospital.


State Lunatic Hospital. Plan of principal story.


State Street and Wall

Full Record: x-ls005271/LS005271

State Street, Looking East, Harbor Beach.

Full Record: x-ls008237/LS008237

Station above street level.

Station WIOD Transmitter tower. View.

Station WIOD.

Full Record: x-ls016269/LS016269


Full Record: x-ls011637/LS011637

Statue at Confucius temple

Full Record: x-ls007169/LS007169

Statue fo Schiller.

Full Record: x-ls015674/LS015674

Statue of Desselaines

Full Record: x-ls015820/LS015820

Statue of Danish King

Full Record: x-ls003836/LS003836

Statue of Frederick the Great.

Full Record: x-ls003955/LS003955

Statue of Goethe.


Full Record: x-ls007030/LS007030

Statue of Jacques Callot.

18th c.

Statue of Leopold the 1st and National Museum. Antwerp, Belgium

Statue of Liberty.

F. A. Bartholdi


Full Record: x-ls008222/LS008222

Statue of Liberty.

Bartholdi, Hunt and Eiffel


Full Record: x-ls011368/LS011368

Statue of Napoleon

Full Record: x-ls017462/LS017462

Statue of Philip II of France.

Full Record: x-ls004413/LS004413

Statue of Thorvaldsen. Central Park.

Early 1900s?

Full Record: x-ls010793/LS010793

Statue on hill

Full Record: x-ls003328/LS003328


c.1150 A.D.

Full Record: x-ls003329/LS003329


c.1150 A.D.

Full Record: x-ls010861/LS010861

Ste. Chapelle, interior

Full Record: x-ls010865/LS010865

Ste. Chapelle, Interior Rosace

Full Record: x-ls011944/LS011944

Ste. Chapelle


Full Record: x-ls012466/LS012466

Ste. Chapelle

Full Record: x-ls012762/LS012762

Ste. Chapelle

Full Record: x-ls012375/LS012375

Ste. Chapelle Crypt

Full Record: x-ls010859/LS010859

Ste. Chapelle, interior

Ste. Madeleine (Church). View of city.


Ste. Madeleine (Church). View of south side.


Ste. Madeleine (Church). Plan


Ste. Marie.

Hendrik van Overstraeten


Full Record: x-ls013143/LS013143


Full Record: x-ls016884/LS016884


Full Record: x-ls016820/LS016820

Steel (tubes). Piercing seamless tubes.

Steel butt-weld inspection.

Steel conduit inspection

Steel conduit, applying enamel to conduit

Steel conduit, placing pipes in "cages"

Steel delivered from the rolling mills to tie-plate dept

Full Record: x-ls006983/LS006983

Steel House Detail. Watling, Bahamas

Full Record: x-ls006982/LS006982

Steel Houses. Watling, Bahamas

Steel mechant bar. Cold straightening of merchant bars

Steel nail. Nail Macine.


Full Record: x-ls014769/LS014769

Steel piles at blast furnaces

Steel tin plates inspection

Steel tin plates, hot rolled strip