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Full Record: x-ls011798/LS011798

Sistine Chapel (detail)


Full Record: x-ls012494/LS012494

Sistine Madonna



Full Record: x-ls012745/LS012745

Sistine Madonna


Full Record: x-ls015916/LS015916

Site of Gatun Lock, Panama Canal route

Site of main office of US steel company


Full Record: x-ls016792/LS016792

Site of Nineveh

Full Record: x-ls005577/LS005577

Site of Rehousing Project. Laredo, TX


Site of World's Fair


Sites for Recreational Facilities.

Six methods of fire-proof floor construction.

Six room detached houses


Full Record: x-ls004373/LS004373

Six room detached style housing plans

Albert H. Spahr

Six Shacks in Jockey Alley (Slum).

Full Record: x-ls012126/LS012126

Sixth Station of the Cross, Via Dolorosa

Full Record: x-ls004956/LS004956

Skandinaviska Banken. Oblique view, with people sitting outside.

Full Record: x-ls011878/LS011878

Skaters (Portrait of Mrs Gari Melchers)

Gari Melchers

Full Record: x-ls013425/LS013425

Skellig Michael Island: Road to lighthouse

Sketch of a Child Writing on Stair.

Dun Alan

Sketch plan of mall showing suggested location for proposed International Historical Museum.

Sketch showing construction of a ventilated hollow tile fire-proof floor with 6 in. I-beams and tiles. Other floor details.

Full Record: x-ls012684/LS012684


Full Record: x-ls013101/LS013101

Sky scrapers in New York City. sign reads: Seabury building

Full Record: x-ls006043/LS006043

Skyline from North River. New York, NY

Skyline of the commercial center of unknown city

Full Record: x-ls005527/LS005527

Skyline parkway

Full Record: x-ls005525/LS005525

Skyline Parkway. Rocky summits

Full Record: x-ls001937/LS001937

Skyscrapers. Exteriors, several buildings.

Full Record: x-ls001936/LS001936

Skyscrapers. Views (Skyline).


Full Record: x-ls015502/LS015502

Slab-roofed "boulder" hut.

Full Record: x-ls007022/LS007022

Slanley Park-Shelter.

Slavic lodging house on south side.

[Lewis Hine?]

[early 1900s?]

Full Record: x-ls011257/LS011257

Sleeping Buddha statue

Full Record: x-ls013431/LS013431

Sligo farms

Full Record: x-ls004496/LS004496

Slum Clearance Project. East side unit

Slum Clearance. East side typical community quadrangle

Full Record: x-ls004482/LS004482

Slum Clearance. East side typical community quadrangle

Slum dwellings, typical homes of workingmen.


Slum Houses Resting on Dump Heaps.


Full Record: x-ls016907/LS016907

Small boat on river shore

Full Record: x-ls004323/LS004323

Small child in street.

c. 1912

Full Record: x-ls016338/LS016338

Small house in rural area

Small House Plans and Elevations for Period 1803.

Small Park

Full Record: x-ls012223/LS012223

Small town in valley with children in foreground, Middle East

Full Record: x-ls015705/LS015705

Small wayside market

Full Record: x-ls016584/LS016584

Smelters at Oroya

Full Record: x-ls005869/LS005869

Smoke Stacks in Transit Across the Washington Monument.

Full Record: x-ls016498/LS016498

Smoking rubber process

Smulkeoff's Island Store, May's Island.