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Full Record: x-ls013421/LS013421

Sheep grazing

Full Record: x-ls016911/LS016911

Sheep in meadow

Full Record: x-ls016666/LS016666

Sheep shorn and branded

Full Record: x-ls016665/LS016665

Sheep shorn by electrical machinery

Shell Oil Building. Exterior, night view.

George Kelham


Shell-House. Exterior view.

Emil Fahrenkamp


Shelton Hotel. Exterior view.

Arthur Loomis Harmon


Shelton Hotel. Exterior view.

Arthur Loomis Harmon


Full Record: x-ls013476/LS013476

Shepard with sheep

Full Record: x-ls012252/LS012252

Shepherd & sheep on shore, Middle East

Full Record: x-ls011950/LS011950


William Adolphe Bouguereau

Full Record: x-ls012042/LS012042

Shepherds Field

Full Record: x-ls012070/LS012070

Shepherds Field

Sherborne Abbey Nave.

Full Record: x-ls016775/LS016775


Full Record: x-ls016771/LS016771


Shields (Prof.) residence.

Richard M. Hunt


Full Record: x-ls012163/LS012163

Shiite man praying

Shinkenchiku 1966 Residential Design Competition. Model and unit section of housing project.

Akira Shibuya

Shinkenchiku 1966 Residential Design Competition. Model of housing project.

Akira Shibuya

Full Record: x-ls002813/LS002813

Shinkenchiku 1966 Residential Design Competition. Unit elevation, development, and section.

Akira Shibuya

Shinto shrine

Ship Channel - Turning Basin

Full Record: x-ls015562/LS015562

Ship in port

Full Record: x-ls016481/LS016481

Ship marina

Full Record: x-ls013535/LS013535

Ship on Danube River

Shipper Irising House

Full Record: x-ls012577/LS012577

Ships in unidentified harbor

Full Record: x-ls015748/LS015748

Ships offshore

Shirley Plantation House. Charles City County, VA

Early 18th Century

Full Record: x-ls011422/LS011422

Shiva priest on roof

Full Record: x-ls011326/LS011326

Shiva Statues in Madura Temple

Full Record: x-ls015308/LS015308

Shoeing a donkey

Full Record: x-ls012782/LS012782

Shop interior, fans, lamps, paintings, Mona Lisa, clocks

Full Record: x-ls015465/LS015465

Shopping street in city of Harbin.

Full Record: x-ls011305/LS011305


Full Record: x-ls005352/LS005352

Shore Drive. Henes Park

Full Record: x-ls005238/LS005238

Shore of lake

Full Record: x-ls015919/LS015919


Full Record: x-ls016038/LS016038


Full Record: x-ls016254/LS016254

Shoreline near city of Valparaiso

Full Record: x-ls015886/LS015886

Shoreline of St. John

Full Record: x-ls016748/LS016748

Shores of Persian Gulf near Bushire

Full Record: x-ls005540/LS005540

Showing Proposed Improvements

Shrewsbury Market place. Drawing.

Shrine in Greek chapel of southern Russia.

Full Record: x-ls006549/LS006549

Shrine of Guadalupe. Distant view.

Full Record: x-ls011480/LS011480

Shwe Dagon Pagoda

Full Record: x-ls013360/LS013360

Siam Pagoda

Full Record: x-ls012674/LS012674

Siam Pavilion