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Selinus. Sicily. Acropolis.

Founded in 628 B.C.

Selinus. Sicily. Acropolis.

Founded 628 B.C.

Selinus. Sicily. Acropolis.

Founded in 628 B.C.

Selinus. Sicily. City.

Founded 628 B.C.

Selinus. Sicily. City.

Founded 628 B.C.

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Sella Group in Dolomite mountains

Full Record: x-ls013576/LS013576

Sella Road in Dolomite Mountains

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Selling hay in marketplace

Semi detached Cottages. Bournville

Full Record: x-ls016162/LS016162

Semi-arid vegetation near Argentine border

Full Record: x-ls015715/LS015715

Semi-commercial hulling of coffee

Full Record: x-ls004376/LS004376

Semi-detached houses and center walkway


Full Record: x-ls004374/LS004374

Semi-detached two flat houses and five room houses

George W. Kelham

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Senate amphitheater in the Luxembourg Palace

Full Record: x-ls005792/LS005792

Seneca Park. Band Stand and Pond. Rochester, NY

Seneca Park. Meadow with Purple.

Seneca Parkway. Over Genesee Gorge.

Septic tank and automatic sewage siphon

Full Record: x-ls013121/LS013121

Serbian Pavilion

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Seringham Temple

Service station

Set Back Building. New York, NY

Full Record: x-ls016641/LS016641

Settlement in Boreal forest, North West Territories

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Settlement in state of Michigan

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Seven Goats Slain, Hindu ceremony

Full Record: x-ls013386/LS013386

Seven Sisters

Sevenhampton Gloucestershire (Cotswold District).

Seventeenth Street School. Interior view: classroom.

Full Record: x-ls012119/LS012119

SeventhStation of the Cross, Via Dolorosa

Full Record: x-ls004450/LS004450

Severin Bridge

Gerhard Fischer


Sewer at Khorsabad.Semicylindrical Vault.

8th century B.C.

Sexton (Charles W.) summer home. Interior.

Purcell, Feick & Elmslie


Full Record: x-ls004548/LS004548

Shack occupied by parents of Lon Allen

April 1937

Full Record: x-ls014747/LS014747

Shade trees protect coffee plants

Shaded Walk in Dusseldorf.

Full Record: x-ls006264/LS006264

Shaker Heights High School. Cleveland, OH

Full Record: x-ls015535/LS015535

Shale oil refinery

Full Record: x-ls005363/LS005363

Shamrock Quarry.

Shamrock Quarry.

Full Record: x-ls004325/LS004325

Shanties (Urban Fringe). South St. Louis, along Rivers Des Peres.

c. 1912

Full Record: x-ls016267/LS016267

Sharply dissected bolsom deposits around Potrerillos mining camp

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Shearing sheep

Full Record: x-ls016673/LS016673

Shearing shop

May 1916

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Sheep and lambs in wicker pens

Full Record: x-ls012014/LS012014

Sheep and shepherd

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Sheep at Gull Lake

Full Record: x-ls016664/LS016664

Sheep changing pasture during dry season