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Full Record: x-ls013159/LS013159

Sculptures in fountain with distant view of Versailles

Scuola Grande di San Marco. View fromSouth

Pietro Lombardo & Giovanni Buora


Scuola Grande di San mMarco. Venice, Italy

Moro Coducci and the Lombardis


Full Record: x-ls008016/LS008016

Scuolo Di Guerra Aerea.

Roberto Marino

Full Record: x-ls015749/LS015749

Sea cove and Halophitic vegation

Full Record: x-ls012212/LS012212

Sea of Galilee from Mountain of Beatitudes

Full Record: x-ls016474/LS016474

Sea wall built on ledge of rocks in territory of Pernambuco

Full Record: x-ls013224/LS013224

Seaport at Sunset

Claude Lorrain

Sears Roebuck & Company Building.

G. C. Nimmons

Full Record: x-ls002015/LS002015

Sears Roebuck Printing Building.

Nimmons & Fellows


Seaside Apartment Houses. Elevation.

Luigi Carlo Daneri


Seated man with gun. View north from ancient Soluntum to Cape Zaffarano, Sicily

Seaton Delaval. England.

Sir John Vanbrugh


Seaton Delaval. England.

Sir John Vanbrugh

1710 -1711

Full Record: x-ls016301/LS016301

Seaward front of coastal mountains 69 miles west of Rio

Full Record: x-ls016787/LS016787

Sebel Serbal from Feiran, Arabia Oasis

Full Record: x-ls009864/LS009864

Secession Exhibit Building. Exterior View.

Joseph Maria Olbrich


Seckbacker Plan.

Second National Bank. Main facade.

Nimmons and Fellows

Second pin-tumbler cylinder lock.

Linus Yale Jr.


Full Record: x-ls012091/LS012091

SecondStation of the Cross, Via Dolorosa

Full Record: x-ls012583/LS012583

Section de l'Alimentation

Section of mount.

Sectional Drawing of St. Philibert.

Sections and tables of the Fawcett Ventilated Fireproof Building Company, Ltd.

Sections showing flat ceiling construction.

Sections showing paneled ceiling construction.

Full Record: x-ls016500/LS016500

Seedlings of rubber tree

Segregation of conventional bathroom components permits privacy and simultaneous use by two or three persons.

Full Record: x-ls002929/LS002929

Seine River. General view from Notre Dame.

Full Record: x-ls002930/LS002930

Seine River. General view.

Seine River. View of the quays.

Full Record: x-ls014776/LS014776

Seining Chenook salmon in Columbia River

Full Record: x-ls014741/LS014741

Selecting coffee seeds for propogation

Full Record: x-ls011860/LS011860

Self Portrait at 26

Albrecht Durer


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Full Record: x-ls002089/LS002089

Selfridge and Company department store. View under construction.


Full Record: x-ls017438/LS017438

Selinus, Sicily. Acropolis. Plan (actual state).

Full Record: x-ls017302/LS017302

Selinus, Sicily. City. Acropolis. Plan (restoration).

Full Record: x-ls017297/LS017297

Selinus, Sicily. City. Aerial view from the southeast

M. Jean Hulot

Full Record: x-ls017301/LS017301

Selinus, Sicily. City. Conjectural restoration of the east harbor.

M. Jean Hulot

Full Record: x-ls017298/LS017298

Selinus, Sicily. City. Elevation from the east: restoration.

M. Jean Hulot

Full Record: x-ls017299/LS017299

Selinus, Sicily. City. Elevation from the south: restoration.

M. Jean Hulot

Full Record: x-ls017296/LS017296

Selinus, Sicily. City. General Plan of the city and environs, restored.

M. Jean Hulot

Full Record: x-ls017295/LS017295

Selinus, Sicily. City. Plan.

Full Record: x-ls017436/LS017436

Selinus, Sicily. City. Restored perspective of principal street.

M. Jean Hulot

Full Record: x-ls017300/LS017300

Selinus, Sicily. City. Two views: east and south elevations.

Full Record: x-ls017437/LS017437

Selinus, Sicily. Temples. View of great temples.

M. Jean Hulot

Full Record: x-ls010372/LS010372

Selinus. Sicily. Temples.

Founded 628 B.C.

Full Record: x-ls010373/LS010373

Selinus. Sicily. Temples.

Founded 628 B.C.