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Bath and Dressing Room in Mackay House

Carrere and Hastings

Full Record: x-ls006833/LS006833

Bath and Swimming Tank. Bournville

Full Record: x-ls004863/LS004863

Bath Facilities at the Chardon Street Wayfarers Lodge


Bath.Royal Crescent. London.England.

John Wood II


Bath.Royal Crescent. London.England.

John Wood II


Full Record: x-ls011449/LS011449

Bathing in Ghat

Full Record: x-ls011475/LS011475

Bathing in Ghat

Full Record: x-ls011415/LS011415

Bathing worshipers and Village

Bathroom Planning.Cartoon.

Full Record: x-ls005402/LS005402

Battery park dock.

Full Record: x-ls005172/LS005172

Battle Creek (MI), Camp Custer, and Vicinity Map.

Full Record: x-ls005173/LS005173

Battle Creek (MI), West Highland Subdivision.

Full Record: x-ls005198/LS005198

Battle Creek at Verona Mill

Full Record: x-ls005185/LS005185

Battle Creek. Creek.

Battle Creek. Michigan. United States.


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Full Record: x-ls008261/LS008261

Bauer Cafe.

Full Record: x-ls004856/LS004856

Bauhaus. Corner of the workshop wing

Walter Gropius


Full Record: x-ls017015/LS017015

Bauhaus. Workshop and students' building.

Walter Gropius


Full Record: x-ls017016/LS017016

Bauhaus. Workshops. Exterior view.

Walter Gropius


Full Record: x-ls002576/LS002576

Baum (Martin) House. Exterior view.

Benjamin H. Latrobe


Full Record: x-ls005362/LS005362

Baungardner Wall.

Full Record: x-ls013532/LS013532

Bay of Kotor

Full Record: x-ls016987/LS016987

Bay of Tunis from Carthage

Full Record: x-ls005167/LS005167

Bay View Park, Alpena, Michigan.

Full Record: x-ls005168/LS005168

Bay View Park, Alpena, Michigan.

Full Record: x-ls005169/LS005169

Bay View Park, Alpena, Michigan.

Full Record: x-ls002109/LS002109

Bayer-Hochhaus. Plans and section.

Hentrich and Petschnigg


Full Record: x-ls001071/LS001071

Bays of Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Chad, Ely Cathedral and Winchester Cathedral.


Full Record: x-ls016925/LS016925

Bazaar crowds

Full Record: x-ls013547/LS013547

Bazaar in city of Sarajevo

Full Record: x-ls016927/LS016927

Bazaar scene

Full Record: x-ls012285/LS012285

Bazaar, Middle East

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Beach at the Planetarium. Chicago

Full Record: x-ls015890/LS015890

Beach outside of devestated area

Full Record: x-ls005576/LS005576

Beach Protection.

Full Record: x-ls002627/LS002627

Beachy (P. A.) House.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Beam and column details in a factory building.

Full Record: x-ls015379/LS015379

Bean cakes in storage

Full Record: x-ls015380/LS015380

Bean cakes in storage

Beans are cut from tree by sharp knives on "Podaderas" (for U.S. cocoa bean industry)

Full Record: x-ls012475/LS012475

Beata Beatrix

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

ca. 1864-1870

Full Record: x-ls012883/LS012883

Beatification of Don Bosco

Full Record: x-ls016143/LS016143

Beating Yerba Mate leaves before drying

Full Record: x-ls012721/LS012721

Beatrice Cenci

Guido Reni

Full Record: x-ls001203/LS001203

Beauvais Cathedral


Full Record: x-ls001204/LS001204

Beauvais Cathedral