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Plan for new diagonal street, 20th of Nov. to Calz. Nino Perdido.

Plan for New Portion Of Cologne.

Plan for opening of Veinte de Noviembre.

Full Record: x-ls008558/LS008558

Plan for rebuilding the city of London.

Sir Christopher Wren

Plan for Ring Strasse, Cologne

Plan for St. Martin.

Plan for St. Philibert.

Plan for the Challoner house.

Benjamin Wyatt


Plan for the city

Full Record: x-ls005786/LS005786

Plan for Union Station Approach. Rochester, NY

Full Record: x-ls007461/LS007461

Plan for Vilbeler Hohe (near Frankfurt).

Full Record: x-ls006381/LS006381

Plan General Avec Indication des Etapes de Construction et Schema des Emplacements D'usines.

Plan of 1812. Indianapolis, IN

Plan of a workman's colony. The parallel system of alley-ways

Plan of an Ancient City. Kahun

2670 B.C.

Full Record: x-ls004879/LS004879

Plan of an Egyptian House and Plan of a Temple


Plan of an unidentified house.

Plan of Bournemouth, showing influence of landscape school.

Plan of Buenos Aires

Full Record: x-ls005595/LS005595

Plan of Central Part of City. Longview, WA


Full Record: x-ls005596/LS005596

Plan of City. Longview, WA

Full Record: x-ls005597/LS005597

Plan of City. Longview, WA

Hare & Hare


Plan of Cordes

Plan of Cornaro Palace

Jacopo Sansovino

Full Record: x-ls004369/LS004369

Plan of cottage row housing

J. J. Talbot

1889 - 1909

Plan of Dalny

Full Record: x-ls004460/LS004460

Plan of Detroit City and River

Gaspard Chaussegros de Lery

1749 - 1752

Full Record: x-ls007065/LS007065

Plan of Dortmund.

Full Record: x-ls005438/LS005438

Plan of East Tawas

Full Record: x-ls012312/LS012312

Plan of Exposition grounds

Plan of First Floor. Castle. Rochester, England

William de Corbeuil


Plan of Gardnes. Montacute House. Somersetshire, England

Sir Edward Phelps


Full Record: x-ls000210/LS000210

Plan of Greek theater showing orchestra, logeion, paraskenai, and stoa.

Plan of Ground Floor. Haddon Hall. Derbyshire, England


Plan of grounds. Exhibition of 1902.


Full Record: x-ls005274/LS005274

Plan of Harbor Beach, MI.

Full Record: x-ls012192/LS012192

Plan of Jerusalem

Plan of Jesuit college (project).

Antoni Glonner

1771 or 1774

Plan of Keep / Basement. Castle. Rochester, England

William de Corbeuil


Full Record: x-ls000602/LS000602

Plan of main buildings. Exhibition of 1902.


Plan of Main Floor (2nd Floor). Castle. Rochester, England

William de Corbeuil


Plan of modern Paris, showing principal buildings.

Plan of Monsegur, Garonne.

Full Record: x-ls017122/LS017122

Plan of Necropolis at Thebes.

Plan of New Haven, Connecticut in 1824. Original 1638.


Plan of New York World's Fair, 1939. Flushing Meadow Park.

ca. 1939

Plan of Original Box Garden. Shirley Plantation House.

Early 18th Century

Plan of Original Box. Shirley Plantation House. Charles City County, VA


Plan of Ossulston Estate. Reconstruction Scheme.

Full Record: x-ls008585/LS008585

Plan of Palazzo Pandolfini. Florence.