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Full Record: x-ls005268/LS005268

People gathered on lake front, Harbor Beach.

Full Record: x-ls015900/LS015900

People gathering in street after volcanic eruption

Full Record: x-ls015901/LS015901

People gathering in street after volcanic eruption

Full Record: x-ls015902/LS015902

People gathering in street after volcanic eruption

Full Record: x-ls016465/LS016465

People hiking on grassy savannas on border of Brazil

Full Record: x-ls016882/LS016882

People in boat on water

Full Record: x-ls016119/LS016119

People in boats

Full Record: x-ls011309/LS011309

People in carraige on bridge over Jumma River

Full Record: x-ls011293/LS011293

People in festival masks

Full Record: x-ls015881/LS015881

People in forest

Full Record: x-ls011362/LS011362

People in Monceau Park

Full Record: x-ls016272/LS016272

People in streets in Northern Chile

Full Record: x-ls012742/LS012742

People on stairway

Full Record: x-ls015709/LS015709

People posing

Full Record: x-ls010951/LS010951

People posing besided Great Glacier at Glacier National Park

Full Record: x-ls016634/LS016634

People posing in front of house

Full Record: x-ls011659/LS011659

People seated at tables outside in village of Oberammergau

Full Record: x-ls015348/LS015348

People sitting on ground

Full Record: x-ls010800/LS010800

People standing besided glacial of Brixdal

Full Record: x-ls015358/LS015358

People standing in group in street

People walking down street in city of Chartres

Full Record: x-ls015375/LS015375

People walking through crops

Full Record: x-ls016550/LS016550

People walking trail to Parcoy near Maranon River

Full Record: x-ls015343/LS015343

People walking with containers

Full Record: x-ls016897/LS016897

People with covered wagon

Full Record: x-ls012431/LS012431

People with umbrellas walk past the Italian Pavilion

Full Record: x-ls015406/LS015406

People working in croplands

Full Record: x-ls015404/LS015404

People working in crops

Full Record: x-ls011282/LS011282

People worshipping cow statue

People's Gas and Light Company. Chicago.

George Grant Elmslie

People’s Saving & Loan Association Bank.

Louis H Sullivan.


Full Record: x-ls002056/LS002056

People’s Savings & Loan Association Bank.

Louis H. Sullivan


Peoria Bakery Site


Pepperrell (Lady) House. Interior view of fireplace and bookcase.


Pepsi-Cola World Headquarters Building. Exterior View.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Architects (SOM)


Full Record: x-ls005369/LS005369

Pere Marquette Station.

Full Record: x-ls007614/LS007614

Perfume Factory.

A Marrast

Pergamon. Asia Minor. Acropolis.

c. 290-c. 150 B.C.

Pergamon. Asia Minor. City.

Pergamon. Asia Minor. Street of the Gynasium.

Full Record: x-ls017422/LS017422

Pergamon. City. Plan of the upper city, c. 290-c. 150 B.C.E.

Full Record: x-ls001520/LS001520

Peribleptos Church. Southwest facade.

c. 1350

Full Record: x-ls005663/LS005663

Perisphere & Trylon. N.Y. Fair


Full Record: x-ls000637/LS000637

Peristyle and Statue of Bull. World’s Columbian Exposition 1893.

E. C. Potter, sculptor


Full Record: x-ls000636/LS000636

Peristyle and Statue of the Republic. World’s Columbian Exposition 1893.

Charles E. Atwood, architect; Daniel C. French, sculptor



Darius I

518-515 BC

Full Record: x-ls010383/LS010383

Persia. Ispahan. Bridge.

Full Record: x-ls010382/LS010382

Persia. Teheran. Shah passing thru North gate.

Full Record: x-ls016750/LS016750

Persian sheep in foothills of Elburz Mountains

Full Record: x-ls015347/LS015347

Person standing wearing large hat