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Full Record: x-ls004218/LS004218

Osaka pagoda

Full Record: x-ls017396/LS017396

Ospedale degli Innocenti (Foundling Hospital). Exterior view.

Filippo Brunelleschi


Full Record: x-ls017397/LS017397

Ospedale degli Innocenti (Foundling Hospital). Exterior: portico. View from piazza.

Filippo Brunelleschi


Full Record: x-ls017398/LS017398

Ospedale degli Innocenti (Foundling Hospital). Four terracotta medallions.

Andrea della Robbia

Full Record: x-ls007401/LS007401

Ospedale Degli Innocenti.

Filippo Brunelleschi


Ospedale Maggiore.

1457-17 c

Ospedale Maggiore.

Antonio Di Piero Averlino, Known as Filarete


Ossulston Estate. Chamberlain House and Courtyard.

Ossulston Estate. Chamberlain House.

Ossulston Street Area, Before Clearance.

Osterlars Rundkirke. Plans, section, and conjectural restoration.

c. 1100

Full Record: x-ls003332/LS003332

Osterlars Rundkirke. View in second floor.

c. 1100

Full Record: x-ls003331/LS003331

Osterlars Rundkirke. View West from apse into nave.

c. 1100

Full Record: x-ls016661/LS016661


Otto Wagner Villa.

Otto Wagner


Full Record: x-ls003423/LS003423

Ottobeuren Abbey Church. Main (north) facade.

Johann Michael Fischer


Full Record: x-ls003424/LS003424

Ottobeuren Abbey Church. View south in nave toward altar.

Johann Michael Fischer


Full Record: x-ls003425/LS003425

Ottobeuren Benedictine Abbey Church. Ceiling fresco of the Four Evangelists.

Johann Michael Fischer


Oudenaarde Hotel de Ville.


Full Record: x-ls011697/LS011697

Our Lady of the Angels

William Adolphe Bouguereau


Full Record: x-ls016367/LS016367

Ouro Preto, Pico da Itacllumi

Full Record: x-ls016924/LS016924

Outcast village

Full Record: x-ls016439/LS016439

Outskirts of city of Belem

Full Record: x-ls016440/LS016440

Outskirts of city of Belem

Full Record: x-ls013402/LS013402

Outwood Mills

Full Record: x-ls016134/LS016134

Over tapped rubber tree

Full Record: x-ls016101/LS016101

Ox cart

Full Record: x-ls016405/LS016405

Ox cart

Full Record: x-ls016270/LS016270

Ox cart on country road

Full Record: x-ls015915/LS015915

Ox carts

Full Record: x-ls016092/LS016092

Ox in front of unidentified buildings

Ox-driven carts on street in city of Escorial

Full Record: x-ls015763/LS015763


Full Record: x-ls012355/LS012355

Oxen Going to Work, Impression of Morning

Constant Troyon


Full Record: x-ls016100/LS016100

Oxen pulling cart

Full Record: x-ls016285/LS016285

Oxen used as pack animals

Full Record: x-ls008145/LS008145

Oxford Cathedral

Oxford Cathedral. Oxford, England

Full Record: x-ls013413/LS013413

Oxford University

Full Record: x-ls002874/LS002874

Oxford University.

13th -14th centuries

Full Record: x-ls016463/LS016463

Paca in Belem

Full Record: x-ls016438/LS016438

Paca in city of Belem

Pacific Coast Borax Factory.

Pacific Coast Borax Factory. Construction detail.


Pacific Coast Borax Factory. Exterior view showing fire destruction results.


Full Record: x-ls012660/LS012660

Pacific Express in dock

Full Record: x-ls002140/LS002140

Pacific Railroad Station. Exterior View.

Wyatt C. Hedrick


Pack animals

Full Record: x-ls016575/LS016575

Pack train in Peruvian Mountains

Full Record: x-ls015274/LS015274