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Full Record: x-ls011581/LS011581

Map of New Hampshire and Palestine

Full Record: x-ls004390/LS004390

Map of New York I. with the adjacent rocks and other remarkable parts of Hell-Gate


Full Record: x-ls012206/LS012206

Map of Palestine

Map of Paris.

Map of parks and boulevards

Map of Region of Mycenae Architecture.

Map of Roman Italy.

Map of Spain.

Map of the Back Bay Fens

Full Record: x-ls006640/LS006640

Map of the Center, Guatemala City


Map of the Central Section

Map of the city

Map of the city showing existing and proposed park lands

Full Record: x-ls006697/LS006697

Map of the city.


Map of the city.

Map of the System of Highways.


Full Record: x-ls016136/LS016136

Map of Transportation in 1820 in South America

Full Record: x-ls016137/LS016137

Map of Transportation in 1880 in South America

Full Record: x-ls016138/LS016138

Map of Transportation in 1923 in South America

Full Record: x-ls012886/LS012886

Map of Washington, D.C.

office of Engineering Commissioner D.C.


Map pf the city

Full Record: x-ls002943/LS002943

Map showing 12th century boundaries.

Map showing Ancient Sites. Crete

Full Record: x-ls004753/LS004753

Map showing areas dependent on reservoirs, dams, running water, or groundwater.

c. 1950

Map Showing Historic Walls. Paris, France

Map showing new construction in area surrounding Flushing Meadow Park.

Map Showing Proposed Park Areas.

Kelsey and Guild Landscape Architects


Map Showing Proposed Restrictions on Height of Buildings.

Full Record: x-ls004748/LS004748

Map showing standard metropolitan areas.


Map showing standard metropolitan areas.


Map Showing the Cathedral Towns and Railway Connections.

Full Record: x-ls004371/LS004371

Map showing the location of Greendale, Wisconsin, in relation to Milwaukee

Full Record: x-ls006254/LS006254

Map. Mexico City

Hernan Cortes


Map. Mexico City.

Juan Gomez de Trasmonte


Full Record: x-ls006249/LS006249

Map. Tasco, Mexico

Map. Ypsilanti

Full Record: x-ls000712/LS000712

Map. Panama-Pacific international exposition.


Full Record: x-ls000616/LS000616

Map. World’s Columbian Exposition 1893.


Mappa House. Trenton, NJ

Mappa House. Trenton, NJ

Full Record: x-ls016548/LS016548

Maranon at Balsas

Full Record: x-ls011324/LS011324

Marble boat at Summer Palace

Full Record: x-ls012533/LS012533

Marble Cantoria: detail: Alleluia Relief: Boys Singing from a Chorale

Luca Della Robbia


Full Record: x-ls016935/LS016935

Marble Palace

Full Record: x-ls011604/LS011604

Marble screen around imperial sarcophagi in Taj Mahal

Full Record: x-ls007180/LS007180

Marburg Castle.

Full Record: x-ls007181/LS007181

Marburg Castle.

Full Record: x-ls007182/LS007182

Marburg Castle.

Full Record: x-ls007183/LS007183

Marburg Dom St. Mauritius and Katerina.

Full Record: x-ls013172/LS013172

Marc Antony, in garden at Grand Palace

Strasser Arthur