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Liberty Street.

Full Record: x-ls011519/LS011519

Library of Columbia University

Full Record: x-ls005366/LS005366

Library "improvements" (oldest building in village).

Library entrance of Salamanca University

Full Record: x-ls011921/LS011921

Library of Congress

Full Record: x-ls012520/LS012520

Library of Congress

Full Record: x-ls011983/LS011983

Library of Congress - Gallery and Stairway to Reading Room

Full Record: x-ls013039/LS013039

Library of Congress East Corridor under Grand Stairway

Full Record: x-ls013097/LS013097

Library of Congress North Corridor Main Hall

Full Record: x-ls013098/LS013098

Library of Congress, Corridor of Special Reading Room

Full Record: x-ls013041/LS013041

Library of Congress, across Main Hall

Full Record: x-ls011526/LS011526

Library of Congress, Grand Stairway

Full Record: x-ls013040/LS013040

Library of Congress, North Corridor to Reading Room

Full Record: x-ls011504/LS011504

Library of Congress, View of Main Gallery

Full Record: x-ls002379/LS002379

Library of Congress. View in main vestibule.

Smithmeyer & Pelz


Full Record: x-ls002380/LS002380

Library of Congress. View in vestibule.

Smithmeyer & Pelz


Library of Congress. Wall painting: figure of woman.

Smithmeyer & Pelz


Full Record: x-ls007785/LS007785

Library of Ephesus.Facade.

Full Record: x-ls006848/LS006848

Library Reading Room.

Full Record: x-ls003542/LS003542


Full Record: x-ls002314/LS002314

Library. Cornell University. Exterior view.

William M. Miller


Library. Staircase

Library. Towers. University of Michigan

Full Record: x-ls007272/LS007272

Lichtenstein Castle.

Full Record: x-ls010707/LS010707

Lichtenstein Castle.

Lieberauren-Kirche. Germany.


Lieberauren-Kirche. Germany.


Lieberauren-Kirche. Germany.


Full Record: x-ls007343/LS007343



Full Record: x-ls007342/LS007342

Liebfrauenkirche. Nave.


Full Record: x-ls003437/LS003437

Liechtenstein Palace. Entrance on Minoritemplatz.

Domenico Martinelli


Light Diagram. Exchange Place; Broad St. to Broadway.

ca. 1913

Lighthouse Lanterna.

c. 1540

Full Record: x-ls012607/LS012607

Lilac Blossoms

Full Record: x-ls012561/LS012561

Lilac canopy

Lille. Porte de Paris.

Full Record: x-ls004966/LS004966

Lily Pond. Belle Isle Park.

Frederick Law Olmstead

c. 1905

Full Record: x-ls004771/LS004771

Lily Rogers Fields and children, Hale County, Alabama.

Walker Evans


Lime Trees (tilia vulgaris) in Dusseldorf.

Full Record: x-ls005696/LS005696

Lincoln and Union Street Intersection.

Lincoln Cathedral. Approach to the Close.

Lincoln Center. Aerial view of model from East and plan.

Wallace K. Harrison


Full Record: x-ls011518/LS011518

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Park, Chicago. Bridge over road.

Lincoln Park. An open lawn.

Lincoln Park. Chicago. Semiformal - Entrance.

Lincoln Park. Flower border.

Full Record: x-ls004048/LS004048

Lincoln Park. The Flower Gardens.

Full Record: x-ls010878/LS010878

Lincoln reenactment on stage

Full Record: x-ls010879/LS010879

Lincoln reenactment on stage