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Karamyshevo Dam. Locks and control tower.

Alexei Rukhlyadev


Full Record: x-ls002992/LS002992


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Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and son


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Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and son


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Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and son


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Karlskirche. Facade.

Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and son


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Karlskirche. Interior view toward altar. Also an exterior view.

Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and son


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Karlskirche. Interior view.

Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and son


Full Record: x-ls003979/LS003979


Karlsruhe Palace.


Karmelitenkirche. Straubing. Germany

Anton Keller


Karmelitenkirche. Wilsnack. Germany


Karolinen Platz.

Karolinen Strasse

Karolinenplatz and obelisk.

Katharinenkirche. Germany.


Full Record: x-ls013486/LS013486

Kazan Gorge from Szechenji Road by Danube river

Kazoo Flats, Urbandale

Full Record: x-ls005186/LS005186

Kazoo River. East from 20th Street

Full Record: x-ls005190/LS005190

Kazoo River. West from Kendall Street

Full Record: x-ls005196/LS005196

Kazoo Valley from Highway

Kelley, Maus & Co.Warehouse.

Jarvis Hunt.


Full Record: x-ls005181/LS005181

Kendall Street

Full Record: x-ls005182/LS005182

Kendall Street and Upton Avenue

Full Record: x-ls017849/LS017849

Kenova Viaduct

Erecting new trusses of Kenova River Br. outside of the old. Derrick car traveling on top chords of new trusses with temporary steel members connecting hip joints to allow cantilever erection. Placing end post of span 2 by Cantilever method showing erection ties between spans 1 and 2.


Full Record: x-ls017847/LS017847

Kenova Viaduct

Falsework carrying traffic on one shore span during erection of new double track bridge over the Ohio River at Kenova. Old span 1 showing falsework carrying traffic and small traveler erected on old trusses to place new span.


Full Record: x-ls017845/LS017845

Kenova Viaduct

Falsework for erection of one shore span of the Norfolk & Western Ohio River Bridge at Kenova.


Full Record: x-ls017844/LS017844

Kenova Viaduct

New Ohio River Bridge at Kenova. Erecting a new double track viaduct approach to the Kenova Bridge on the Norfolk & Western without interrupting traffic on the old single track structure.


Full Record: x-ls017850/LS017850

Kenova Viaduct

One of the new spans of the Kenova River Br. Showing temporary cantilever carrying material track and derrick ready to erect adjacent span by cantilever method. New span 1 after removal of old trusses showing heavy traveler erected for placing spans 2 and 3.


Full Record: x-ls017846/LS017846

Kenova Viaduct

Replacing the Ohio River Bridge at Kenova without interruption to traffic. Material was hoisted at the left and carried out on material tracks outside trusses. End view from south showing material tracks and electric hoist for raising material to bridge deck from ground.


Full Record: x-ls017848/LS017848

Kenova Viaduct

Supporting the end of one truss span by gallows frame during the alterations to the pier of the Kenova Bridge of the N. & W. Placing a pier girder under old span after cutting away half of the top of old pier. The right hand span is supported temporarily by the gallows frame.


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Kerak castle

Full Record: x-ls017008/LS017008

Keswick from Castle Hill

Keswick Theatre and Stores.

Horace Trumbauer

Key map, Bridgeport, CT.


Keyser Building

Keystone. Vulfran Church. Abbeville, France


Full Record: x-ls012653/LS012653

Kicking Horse Pass Field

Kid sitting on statue

Full Record: x-ls006906/LS006906

Kid's gardens.

Kids playing near apartments with adult supervising

Kiel. Plan of new portion.

Full Record: x-ls016722/LS016722

Kikuyu women with water vessels, B.E.A.

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Kilauea volcano


Full Record: x-ls010855/LS010855

Kilauea Volcano


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Kilgore-Garber House. Exterior view.


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Kimonos and fabrics in window case with namplate: Dr. William Sturgis Bigelow

Kindergarten. Gennevilliers.

Kindsburg Union High School