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Full Record: x-ls011445/LS011445

Indian Parliament House

Sir Edwin Lutyens, Sir Herbert Baker


Full Record: x-ls016610/LS016610

Indian Res. Coop. Sawmill in city of Menominee

Full Record: x-ls011603/LS011603

Indian shoemaker

Full Record: x-ls011466/LS011466

Indian snake performer in city of Calcutta, India

Full Record: x-ls016232/LS016232

Indian village at ATocha

Full Record: x-ls016898/LS016898

Indigenous merchant

Full Record: x-ls012415/LS012415

Indo-China Pavilion

Full Record: x-ls011807/LS011807

Indoor garden

Full Record: x-ls004713/LS004713

Industrial Metropolis


Full Record: x-ls004506/LS004506

Industrial Plant on Grand Boulevard. Exterior view.

Full Record: x-ls005487/LS005487

Industrial Plants with Over 40 Employees.


Industrial Sites. Los Angeles. Map.

Industrial Technology, Railroad and Street Interchange at Vandeventer and Tower Grove Avenues


Full Record: x-ls010776/LS010776

Infant Found

Luca della Robbia

Full Record: x-ls003496/LS003496

Infantada Palace.

Full Record: x-ls010781/LS010781

Infante Isabel Clara Eugenie


Ingelheim. Palace Restored.

Ingot placed on "ingot buggy"

Ingot transferred to rolling table

Ingots placed in furnace

Full Record: x-ls013435/LS013435

Inishbofin Island

Inishmore, Aran Islands. Ireland. Stone Hut.

Full Record: x-ls007990/LS007990

Inner tree-lined avenue of the village.

Full Record: x-ls012619/LS012619

Innocent X

Diego Velasquez (Velazquez)

Inspection and bundling of ralroad tie-plates

Full Record: x-ls011576/LS011576

Inspiration Point in Yosemite National Park

Full Record: x-ls012713/LS012713

Institute of France

Full Record: x-ls001962/LS001962

Integrity Trust Co.


Full Record: x-ls013269/LS013269

Interiof of Paris Opera House, perspective from foyer

Full Record: x-ls010728/LS010728

Interior , a Woman Drinking with Two Men and a Maidservant

Peter de Hooch

ca. 1658

Interior appliances of an unidentified house.

Full Record: x-ls006625/LS006625

Interior Court of a Mexican House.

Interior Court, Bickford Street, Roxbury, before condemnation.

c. 1920

Full Record: x-ls006737/LS006737

Interior Decoration. Chateau de Vaux

Le Vau


Full Record: x-ls013248/LS013248

Interior of Upper Chur ch St. Francis Assisi

Interior of Amphitheater.Verona.

Interior of an unidentified House.

Interior of an unidentified house.

Interior of an unidentified house.Bathroom.

Full Record: x-ls005109/LS005109

Interior of an unidentified Mall

Interior of an unidentified residence. Bathroom.

Full Record: x-ls012943/LS012943

Interior of Appellate Court of New York

Full Record: x-ls011402/LS011402

Interior of Fatepuhar Sikri mosque

Full Record: x-ls012990/LS012990

Interior of German Pavilion no. 3

Full Record: x-ls006827/LS006827

Interior of Girl's Bath & Girls at Cricket. Bournville

Full Record: x-ls012590/LS012590

Interior of Grand Palace

Full Record: x-ls012773/LS012773

Interior of Grand Palace

Full Record: x-ls012985/LS012985

Interior of Grand Palace, sculpture garden

Full Record: x-ls013045/LS013045

Interior of Grand Palace, sculpture garden

Full Record: x-ls012986/LS012986

Interior of Grand Palais, sculpture garden