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Golf Club. Benton Harbor, MI

Golf course

Full Record: x-ls006282/LS006282

Golf course

Golf course

Golf course

Full Record: x-ls006286/LS006286

Golf course

Golf course

Golf course diagram

Golf course.

Full Record: x-ls006284/LS006284

Golf course. #14 Green

Full Record: x-ls006289/LS006289

Golf course. Club House. Lawn and Long leaf Pines

Full Record: x-ls006288/LS006288

Golf course. Trap

Full Record: x-ls013539/LS013539

Golubacz Castle on Danube River

Full Record: x-ls015631/LS015631

Gonave shoreline

Full Record: x-ls013679/LS013679

Gondola in canal in city of Venice

Full Record: x-ls013681/LS013681

Gondola in canal in city of Venice

Full Record: x-ls012736/LS012736

Gondolas in canal in city of Venice

Full Record: x-ls010447/LS010447

Gondolas near Rialto Bridge

Good Housing in 1950.


Goodyear House. Interior view.

Edward Stone


Full Record: x-ls011765/LS011765

Gordon's Calvary

Full Record: x-ls013119/LS013119

Gorge & Waterfall

Full Record: x-ls016728/LS016728

Gorge below Victoria Falls

Full Record: x-ls016307/LS016307

Gorge of Rio Parand

Goslar Romanesque Palace.

11th and 12th c.

Full Record: x-ls008476/LS008476

Goslar-Backer House.

Full Record: x-ls004596/LS004596

Gotham Court - Longitudinal elevation and cellar plan

Gotham Court. 36-38 Cherry St.

c. 1850

Full Record: x-ls004805/LS004805

Gothic construction. Naves. View of nave of St. Remi at Reims after World War I bombing.

Full Record: x-ls007290/LS007290

Gothic House.

Gothic revival house. Exterior, angle view.

Gothic Stores.

Gothic Timber Roof of Wymondham.

Full Record: x-ls003444/LS003444

Gottweig Convent. Emperor’s stair.


Full Record: x-ls003443/LS003443

Gottweig Convent. Interior.


Full Record: x-ls007770/LS007770

Gournia. Plan.

Full Record: x-ls003372/LS003372

Gov. Bennett House

Full Record: x-ls016685/LS016685

Government buildings in Adelaide, capital of South Australia

Full Record: x-ls016681/LS016681

Government camel train in desert north of Adelaide

Full Record: x-ls010749/LS010749

Governor Farringon

Full Record: x-ls007362/LS007362

Governor's Palace. Ballroom Entrance.


Governor's Palace. General Plan of Palace Approaches, Garden, and Park.

January 1935 ?

Full Record: x-ls007363/LS007363

Governor's Palace. Interior of Kitchen Building.


Full Record: x-ls007359/LS007359

Governor's Palace. Plan of Palace and Approach.

Arthur Shurcliff

December 1936

Full Record: x-ls007358/LS007358

Governor's Palace. Plan of Palace, flanking buildings, and grounds.


Full Record: x-ls007356/LS007356

Governor's Palace. Plan showing arrangement of buildings and gardens.


Full Record: x-ls007367/LS007367

Governor's Palace. View from North of Boxwood Garden.


Full Record: x-ls007364/LS007364

Governor's Palace. View into Grand Stairway.


Full Record: x-ls007365/LS007365

Governor's Palace. View of Fireplace in Hall.


Full Record: x-ls007368/LS007368

Governor's Palace. View of Flanking Buildings and Holly Garden.