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Full Record: x-ls010828/LS010828

Fountain at Peterhof

Full Record: x-ls007170/LS007170

Fountain in marketplace.

Full Record: x-ls012717/LS012717

Fountain in park

Full Record: x-ls007526/LS007526

Fountain in square.

Full Record: x-ls012411/LS012411

Fountain of Latone

Full Record: x-ls008232/LS008232

Fountain of Neptune


Full Record: x-ls006201/LS006201

Fountain of Salta del Agua.

Full Record: x-ls007964/LS007964

Fountain of the Falling Waters.

Fountain of the Rising Sun. Panama-Pacific International Exposition.


Fountain on Sieges-Allee

Full Record: x-ls017404/LS017404


Giovanni della Robbia


Full Record: x-ls005662/LS005662

Fountain. N.Y. Fair


Full Record: x-ls007425/LS007425

Fountain. Royal Palace. Caserta, Italy

Luigi Vanvitelli


Full Record: x-ls007426/LS007426

Fountain. Royal Palace. Caserta, Italy

Luigi Vanvitelli


Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey. Cellarium

Fountains Abbey. East Nave

Fountains Abbey. From Abbot's House

Fountains Abbey. Plan-Typical Church and Abbey

Fountains Abbey. View from Abbot's House

Fountains Abbey. View from Northeast

Fountains Abbey. View from Southwest

Full Record: x-ls010830/LS010830

Fountains at Peterhof

Fountains. Royal Palace. Caserta, Italy

Luigi Vanvitelli


Full Record: x-ls012317/LS012317

Four art nouveau vases

Full Record: x-ls017084/LS017084

Four diagrams showing the development of the slab apartment block.

Walter Gropius

Four Great Fires. Four Cirties. Comparative area. Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco

Full Record: x-ls004394/LS004394

Four houses, one behind another, climbing up hillside between streets

c. 1914

Full Record: x-ls010983/LS010983

Four people with camel in desert

Four types of houses of the Willimantic Linen Company.


Full Record: x-ls011733/LS011733

Four Women Dancers

Full Record: x-ls012105/LS012105

Fourteenth Station of the Cross, The Tomb, Via Dolorosa

Full Record: x-ls012100/LS012100

Fourth Station of the Cross, Via Dolorosa

Full Record: x-ls011907/LS011907

Fox Hunt

Winslow Homer


Full Record: x-ls002443/LS002443

Fox Theater.

Full Record: x-ls011304/LS011304

Fox Tower

Full Record: x-ls013331/LS013331

Foyer of Opera House

Full Record: x-ls004293/LS004293

Frames. Slide 3 of 3, showing housing development construction.

Full Record: x-ls010497/LS010497

France. Alsatian Village

Full Record: x-ls010496/LS010496

France. La Rochelle

Full Record: x-ls011871/LS011871

Frances Anne Kemble as Beatrice

Thomas Sully


Francis Apartments.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Full Record: x-ls012862/LS012862

Francois I

Titian (Tiziano Vecellio)


Full Record: x-ls013351/LS013351

Francois I


Full Record: x-ls011870/LS011870

Francois I bedroom

Frank Johnson Residence.

Newson & Mayer

Frank Lloyd Wright. Photographed as he looked at 35.

Full Record: x-ls012045/LS012045

Frank Mountain

Full Record: x-ls004766/LS004766

Frank Tengle, cotton sharecropper, Hale County, Alabama.

Walker Evans

[1935 or 1936]

Full Record: x-ls002589/LS002589

Franke (J. B.) residence. Plan and view in living room.

Barry Byrne and Ryan Company (in collaboration with Alfonso Iannellli)