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Flaminio Stadium. View north of swimming pool below seats.

Pier Luigi Nervi and Antonio Nervi


Full Record: x-ls002454/LS002454

Flaminio Stadium. View of west side.

Pier Luigi Nervi and Antonio Nervi


Flaminius Circus. Palace of Octavia. Janiculum.

Full Record: x-ls015920/LS015920

Flat arch ruins

Full Record: x-ls014763/LS014763

Flat car train loaded with sugar pine logs in McCloud River, California

Flat roll, separating and doubling sheets

Flat-roll galvanizing

Flat-roll, Box-annealed

Flat-roll, cross-rolling

Flat-roll, eliminating waves and buckles

Flat-roll, inspection of slabs

Flat-roll, Reductin process

Flat-roll, reduction process

Flat-roll, removing dirt and grease

Flat-roll, slabe passes thru "sclae breaker"

Flat-roll, slabs going thru furnaces

Flat-roll, slabs pushed into furnace

Flat-roll, slabs rolled from ingots

Flat-roll, stitching front end of each coil

Flat-rolls, annealing sheets

Flat-Rolls, Steel is uncoiled

Fleischbrucke. (Meat / Butcher’s Bridge)

Flensburg. Subdivision on rolling land.

Full Record: x-ls002607/LS002607

Fletcher (Albert E.) House.


Flint Church with Oak Roof.

Full Record: x-ls006467/LS006467

Floating Foundation of the new National Lottery Building.


Full Record: x-ls016618/LS016618

Floating logs

Full Record: x-ls016099/LS016099

Flock of birds on rocky shore

Flock of geese

Full Record: x-ls016637/LS016637

Flock of sheep on Australian farm

Full Record: x-ls016674/LS016674

Flock of sheep on New South Wales run

Flood Bldg. 7th Floor.

Full Record: x-ls016050/LS016050

Flood plains of Amazon

Full Record: x-ls004404/LS004404

Flooded streets.

Early 1900s?

Full Record: x-ls013342/LS013342

Flooding in wooded area

Full Record: x-ls012614/LS012614

Flora (detail)

Titian (Tiziano Vecellio)

c. 1515

Full Record: x-ls013290/LS013290

Florence Cathedral

Florence. View from Fiesole

Full Record: x-ls011443/LS011443

Florentine Mosaic Dwan-i-an (Diwan-i-an) Delhi Black and White

Full Record: x-ls013251/LS013251

Florentine Singer

Paul Dubois


Full Record: x-ls006002/LS006002

Florida's House. Century of Progress, 1934.

Robert Law Weed


Full Record: x-ls012999/LS012999

Flower Girl in Holland

George Hitchcock


Full Record: x-ls004768/LS004768

Floyd Burroughs, Hale County, Alabama, 1936.

Walker Evans


Flushing Meadow Park Recreation Facilities Compared with other New York City Parks.

Full Record: x-ls005703/LS005703

Flushing Meadow Park. Parkway in front of City Building showing pedestrian overpass.

Full Record: x-ls005704/LS005704

Flushing Meadow Park. Playing fields and emergency parking area between the City Building and 111th Street.

Full Record: x-ls011508/LS011508

Fog on the Mediterranean [?]

Henri Harpignies

Foggia. Studi per il nuovo Piano Regolatore di Foggia.

Folger Shakespeare Memorial Library.

Paul P. Cret and Alexander B. Trowbridge


Full Record: x-ls013545/LS013545

Folk Dress - "Old" Serbia