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Full Record: x-ls006911/LS006911

Ealing. Road.

Earls Court. Exterior view.

Thomas Cooley and James Gandon


Early American hollow tile floor arches.

Early Christian Architecture.

Early European hollow tile floor arches.

Early French tile floor arches.

Full Record: x-ls004521/LS004521

Early Housing development. Exterior View.

Full Record: x-ls012715/LS012715

Early Renaissance Chest

Full Record: x-ls011142/LS011142

Early Spring

Dwight William Tryon

Full Record: x-ls012941/LS012941

Early Spring

Dwight William Tryon

Full Record: x-ls011188/LS011188

Early Spring

Dwight William Tryon

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Earswick Cottage Garden. New Earswick, England

Earswick. Poplar Grove.

Earswick. Poplar Grove.

Earswick. Station Road.

Earswick. Station Road.

East 26th Street.

Full Record: x-ls005682/LS005682

East 42nd Street Corner. New York, NY

East 68th St. Shadow-12 Story Building

East Broadway School. Plan.

C. B. J. Snyder


East end of Westminster Cathedral

John Francis Bentley


Full Record: x-ls001062/LS001062

East End. Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Ethelbert.

Bishop de Losinga


East Gate Street.

East Jefferson street

Full Record: x-ls016540/LS016540

East of Continental divide in Peru

Full Record: x-ls016801/LS016801

East over lower Tigris to tomb of Ezra, Mesopotamia

Full Record: x-ls000685/LS000685

East Pavilion and fountain. Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

Emmanuel L. Masqueray


Full Record: x-ls005748/LS005748

East Pyne Hall. Princeton University

William A. Potter


East-West Center. Hawaii University.

I. M. Pei and associates; Young & Henderson


Full Record: x-ls012229/LS012229

Easter Procession

Full Record: x-ls016543/LS016543

Eastern foothills of Peruvian Andes mountain range

Eastern Gas Works.

Adolf Meyer


Full Record: x-ls016770/LS016770

Eastern scarp of Egma Plateau

Full Record: x-ls002747/LS002747

Eastgate Apartments.

Brown, De Mars, Kennedy, Koch & Ropson


Eastgate Apartments.

Brown, De Mars, Kennedy, Koch & Ropson


Eastlake (C. L.) House.

C. L. Eastlake

Full Record: x-ls003126/LS003126

Eastlake-type furniture.

Dewson & Small


Eastlake-type furniture.

William Le Baron Jenney


Full Record: x-ls015337/LS015337

Eating outside.

Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Courtyard.

Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Monument to Henri Regnault (La Jeunesse).

Henri Chapu


Economical first and second floor plans for houses.

Full Record: x-ls000570/LS000570

Ecuador Pavilion. Exposition Universelle.


Eden ? St. Example of a new low street.


Edgar H. Laing Stores. Angled exterior view.

James Bogardus


Full Record: x-ls002088/LS002088

Edificio Polar. Exterior view.

Martin Vegas Pacheco and Jose Miguel Galia


Edinburgh Castle

Edison Shop. Interior view, near entrance.

Purcell & Elmslie; associate J. Radcliff Jr.


Edison Shop. Interior view. Details of furnishings.

Purcell & Elmslie; associate J. Radcliff Jr.


Edison Shop. Main (west) facade.

Purcell and Elmslie