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Full Record: x-ls003077/LS003077

City Planning Studies. Housing group. Drawing: house exteriors.

Prof. Roth’s class


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City Planning Studies. Housing group. Model.

Prof. Roth’s class


City Planning Studies. Housing group. Model. C.I.A.M. study.


Full Record: x-ls004370/LS004370

City plans showing war plants and housing sites


Full Record: x-ls015541/LS015541

City skyline

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City skyline

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City skyline

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City skyline

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City skyline

Full Record: x-ls004300/LS004300

City street. Residences.


City Theatre.

Harald Deilmann [et al]


City view, stage design drawing.

Giuseppe Galli da Bibiena

[18th cent.?]

City view, stage design drawing: the tragic scene.

Sebastiano Serlio


City View.

Full Record: x-ls013400/LS013400

City wall

Full Record: x-ls002866/LS002866




City. Aerial drawing from West.

City. Aerial view (18th century engraving).

City. Aerial view (rendering) of medieval city.


City. Aerial view of center of city, St. Julian’s Cathedral in the background.

City. Bird’s-eye view showing streets cut through the Palais Royal. Rendering.

Full Record: x-ls003028/LS003028

City. General view.

Full Record: x-ls003029/LS003029

City. Map of Rome and Latium showing aqueducts.

Full Record: x-ls002962/LS002962

City. Nine views of park spaces and city gardens.

Full Record: x-ls003030/LS003030

City. Plan of city showing area in 1870, 1914, and 1929.

City. Plan.

c. 1715

Full Record: x-ls003031/LS003031

City. Reconstruction: panorama in time of Aurelian.

City. View of the city from the Schloss.

Full Record: x-ls002960/LS002960

City. View south form the palace.

Full Record: x-ls010698/LS010698

City. Aerial drawing over city.

Full Record: x-ls002948/LS002948

City. Aerial view (rendering) of medieval city.

Full Record: x-ls002997/LS002997

City. Aerial view (rendering) of medieval city.

Full Record: x-ls003073/LS003073

City. Aerial view (rendering) of medieval city.

City. Aerial view (rendering).

Begun in 1911-1927

City. Aerial view.

Full Record: x-ls002964/LS002964

City. Aerial view.


Full Record: x-ls002963/LS002963

City. Bird’s eye view, Middle Ages (rendering).

Full Record: x-ls003069/LS003069

City. Bird’s-eye view (rendering) of city at end of the 19th century.

Full Record: x-ls002966/LS002966

City. Breitestrasse. View north along Breitestrasse before World War II.

Full Record: x-ls002877/LS002877

City. Central Plaza.

Owen Luder partnership and associates

City. Cheapside from the east in the 16th century.

Full Record: x-ls002965/LS002965

City. City gate.

Full Record: x-ls002867/LS002867

City. Diagram illustrating the development of London up to 1830.

Full Record: x-ls003005/LS003005

City. Drawings: Etruscan gate, city fountain, walls, and city buildings.

City. Engraving of the medieval city showing walls and towers.

City. General view (rendering) of Moscow, ca. 1875.

Full Record: x-ls002991/LS002991

City. General view of a street.

City. Howard’s diagram showing park lands all around city, and its mode of growth.

Founded in 1836