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City of Rome

Full Record: x-ls012564/LS012564

City of Rome and St. Peter's Square (Piazza di San Pietro)

City of Rouen in Normandy region

City of San Francisco

City of San Sebastian, view from Mount Igueldo

Full Record: x-ls016281/LS016281

City of Santiago, with Andes mountain range in background

Full Record: x-ls016386/LS016386

City of Sao Paulo

Full Record: x-ls005408/LS005408

City of Sault Saint-Marie

Full Record: x-ls015961/LS015961

City of Seishu

City of Sheffield. Plan.


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City of Sibenik

Full Record: x-ls013645/LS013645

City of Siena, Tuscany

Full Record: x-ls012136/LS012136

City of Siloam

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City of St. Thomas

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City of St. Thomas

Full Record: x-ls015824/LS015824

City of St. Thomas

Full Record: x-ls010844/LS010844

City of Stockholm

Full Record: x-ls016688/LS016688

City of Sydney

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City of Tivoli

Full Record: x-ls013655/LS013655

City of Tivoli

Full Record: x-ls013514/LS013514

City of Torun

Full Record: x-ls013536/LS013536

City of Trogir (Trau)

Full Record: x-ls016266/LS016266

City of Valpraiso

Full Record: x-ls012750/LS012750

City of Venice

Full Record: x-ls013683/LS013683

City of Venice

Full Record: x-ls010941/LS010941

City of Winnipeg

Full Record: x-ls015536/LS015536

City of Yennanlu, Shenia

City park

City Park


City park and connecting parkway.

Full Record: x-ls012515/LS012515

City park and fountain

Full Record: x-ls005549/LS005549

City Park. Harrisburg, PA

City Park. View from the dance floor


Full Record: x-ls007513/LS007513

City Parklet Museum.

City Plan, Cologne.

City Plan. Brussels, Belgium


City Plan. Developing Greater Depth of Land by Means of Carriage Drive.

City Plan. External Angle in Bldgs: 4 Different Arrangements

City Plan. Lomax, IL

City Plan. Lomax, IL

Full Record: x-ls005741/LS005741

City Plan. Portland, OR

Full Record: x-ls006989/LS006989

City Plan. Welwyn, England

City Plan. Detroit. United States.


City Plan. Detroit. United States.


City plan. Proposed scheme F. 20 acres laid out with 25 houses

City Plan. Vienna. Austria



City plan. View of King's highway


City Plan.Turin. Italy

Ferd. Kirschner

17th Century

Full Record: x-ls005491/LS005491

City Planning Association Diagram.


Full Record: x-ls002882/LS002882

City Planning Studies. Housing group. Model. Prof. Rainer’s class.