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Full Record: x-ls007164/LS007164

City hall. Magdeburg great hall.

Johannes Goderitz


Full Record: x-ls000883/LS000883

City Hall. Section and Plan.

Viljo Rewell

1964 - 65

Full Record: x-ls000881/LS000881

City Hall. Site plan.

Viljo Rewell

1964 - 1965

Full Record: x-ls000875/LS000875

City Hall. View Northeast inside Rotunda.

Manqin & McComb

1804 - 1811

City Hall.

Full Record: x-ls010658/LS010658

City Hall; Oriel and clock with 12 apostles emerging

City Investing Building. Plans, ground floor and twentieth floor.

Francis H. Kimball


City Investing Building. Tranverse section, drawing.

Francis H. Kimball


Full Record: x-ls004021/LS004021

City Nuisances. Telephone pole and wires. Sidewalk obstruction

Full Record: x-ls005439/LS005439

City o f Three rivers


City of Aigues-Mortes in Languedoc region

Full Record: x-ls013606/LS013606

City of Amalfi

Full Record: x-ls013393/LS013393

City of Amersham

Full Record: x-ls013647/LS013647

City of Amlafi

Full Record: x-ls013632/LS013632

City of Apricale

Full Record: x-ls016413/LS016413

City of Aracatuba

Full Record: x-ls013623/LS013623

City of Arpino

Full Record: x-ls011795/LS011795

City of Athens, Erechithion and Old Temple

Full Record: x-ls011800/LS011800

City of Athens, view NE from Acropolis

City of Auxerre, department of Yonne, Burgandy region

Full Record: x-ls016331/LS016331

City of Bebedouro

Full Record: x-ls012200/LS012200

City of Beirut

Full Record: x-ls016433/LS016433

City of Bello Horizonte, Minas Gerals

Full Record: x-ls010790/LS010790

City of Bergen

Full Record: x-ls010817/LS010817

City of Bergen

Full Record: x-ls010840/LS010840

City of Bergen

Full Record: x-ls010841/LS010841

City of Bergen

Full Record: x-ls003839/LS003839

City of Berlin. Plan.


Full Record: x-ls012071/LS012071

City of Bethlehem

Full Record: x-ls011312/LS011312

City of Bombay

Full Record: x-ls013394/LS013394

City of Brisbane

Full Record: x-ls013396/LS013396

City of Brisbane

Full Record: x-ls010932/LS010932

City of Calgary

Full Record: x-ls016375/LS016375

City of Campos

Full Record: x-ls013608/LS013608

City of Capranica, south of Viterro

City of Chartres

Full Record: x-ls015485/LS015485

City of Chinhsien

Douglas D. Crary

Full Record: x-ls010833/LS010833

City of Copenhagen harbor

Full Record: x-ls010847/LS010847

City of Copenhagen

City of Corinth.

Full Record: x-ls013515/LS013515

City of Cracow

Full Record: x-ls016344/LS016344

City of Cubatao

Full Record: x-ls016211/LS016211

City of Cuenca

Full Record: x-ls015482/LS015482

City of Dairen

Full Record: x-ls012185/LS012185

City of Damascus

Full Record: x-ls004349/LS004349

City of Detroit from Canadian shore.


Full Record: x-ls013483/LS013483

City of Epandmeria, Thera

Full Record: x-ls013616/LS013616

City of Fiesole

Full Record: x-ls012518/LS012518

City of Florence

Full Record: x-ls012543/LS012543

City of Florence