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Chicago - Elevation (N) Field Museum

Chicago - Exterior highways

Chicago - Geographic Location

Chicago - grade separation on highways

Chicago - Loop District. Proposed Improvements.

Chicago - Micheal Reese Hospital Redevelopment

Chicago - Michigan Avenue proposed improvments

Chicago - New Bascule Bridge

Chicago - Old 12th Street

Chicago - Old River Bridge

Chicago - outerlink Bridge (bascule) over Michigan Canal

Chicago - Roosevelt Road east of Michigan Avenue

Chicago - South Water Street Improvement

Chicago - South Water Street Improvement

Chicago - Woodlawn Project. Cut-off. Residential STreet.

Chicago - Woodlawn Project. Expanded School Site.

Chicago - Woodlawn Project. Expressway X Major Thoroughfare

Chicago - Woodlawn Project. Off-Street parking.

Chicago - Woodlawn Project. Play lots

Chicago - Woodlawn Project. Present conditions

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Chicago Athletic Club. Fountain.

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Chicago Fair. Administrative Building. View from North

Chicago foundations

Chicago Park. Water garden.

Jens Jensen

Chicago Railways. Illinois Central Freight

Chicago river front sequence.

Chicago River.

Chicago slaughterhouse carcasses.


Chicago tenements; taken from Lake St.


chicago university Club. Chicago.

Holabar Roche architects


Chicago University. Education School.

James Gamble Rogers

Chicago University. Law School. Law Library.

Eero Saarinen and associates


Chicago University. Law School. Law Library. Plans.

Eero Saarinen and associates


Chicago University. Plan and aerial drawing.

Henry Ives Cobb


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Chicago University. Tower Group.

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Chicago University. Tower Group. Founders’ Tower.

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Chicago, cottages and small tenements (#1).

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Chicago, cottages and small tenements (#2).

Chicago, Illinois.- Michigan Avenue widened north of Randolph Street

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Chicago, lot overcrowding, rear tenements with alley entrances.


Chicago, pre WWI, Polish lodgers, non-family groups.

Chicago, tenements without modern conveniences.



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Chicago. Wellen Park. Playground.

Chicago. Albaugh Brothers Warehouse

Howard Shaw (architect)

1900 [?]

Chicago. Avondale Ave. Improvement. Canal St. and C + N.W. Depot

Chicago Plan Commission

December 24, 1927

Chicago. Business Street

Chicago. Butler Brothers' Warehouse.

Jarvis Hunt