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Full Record: x-ls012130/LS012130

Virgius Fountain

Full Record: x-ls012173/LS012173

Virgius's (sp?) Fountain, women carrying jugs on heads

Full Record: x-ls007697/LS007697

Visaya Gate. Outside.

Full Record: x-ls012523/LS012523

Vision of Ezechiel


Full Record: x-ls011671/LS011671

Visit of President Emile Loubet and his ministers to Bosnia

ca. 1900-1905

Viterbo. Plan.

Vitreous china and porcelain.

Vittoria Quater.Courtyard between two buildings.

Vivares de Coyoacan. Ave of Casuarina Cunninghamia.

Vivares de Coyoacan. Ave of Riquidambar.

Full Record: x-ls004026/LS004026

Vivian House

Full Record: x-ls016539/LS016539

Vllage of Matucana, smelter town

Full Record: x-ls013559/LS013559

Vltava river and Hradzin castle in city of Prague

Vocational School Center.

Full Record: x-ls016535/LS016535

Volcanic cones and lava flows in Colca valley

Full Record: x-ls015889/LS015889

Volcanic devastation

Full Record: x-ls016701/LS016701

Volcanic peak in Kudin Africa, Ahaggar, West central Sahara

Full Record: x-ls016377/LS016377

Volcano in northern Chile

Full Record: x-ls016248/LS016248

Volcano of western Andes mountain range

Full Record: x-ls007145/LS007145

Volkerschlacht monument.

Full Record: x-ls005850/LS005850

Volunteer Park.

Volunteer park. Children's playground.

Full Record: x-ls011610/LS011610

Voting booth in Burma

Votivkirche. (Votive Church)

Heinrich von Ferstel


Votivkirche. (Votive Church)

Heinrich von Ferstel


Full Record: x-ls011420/LS011420

Vultures atop an unidentified building

Full Record: x-ls003340/LS003340

Vuoksenniska Church. Plan of the church proper.

Alvar Aalto


Full Record: x-ls003341/LS003341

Vuoksenniska Church. Site plan.

Alvar Aalto


Full Record: x-ls016760/LS016760

W. Palestine 'Dendritic' erosion

W.H. Jackson at Bertoud Pass.


Full Record: x-ls016811/LS016811

Wadi in High Yemen, Arabia

Full Record: x-ls016779/LS016779

Wadi Water Below Ain Futraga

Full Record: x-ls006328/LS006328

Wading pool

Wadsworth House. Front view.


Waiblingen Hospital. Exterior view showing sun terraces.

Richard Docker


Wainwright (Charlotte Dickson) Tomb. Front view.

Louis H. Sullivan


Full Record: x-ls002051/LS002051

Wainwright Building.

Adler & Sullivan


Wainwright Building. Exterior view.

Adler & Sullivan


Full Record: x-ls015870/LS015870

Waiting to unload sugar cane at sugar central siding

Full Record: x-ls012587/LS012587

Waldorf Astoria


Full Record: x-ls013563/LS013563

Waldstein Street and castle Hradzin


Leo von Klenze


Full Record: x-ls012280/LS012280

Walking on road, Middle East

Full Record: x-ls012169/LS012169

Walking with heavy on loads on plank of ship

Full Record: x-ls007807/LS007807

Wall of Aurelian.

Full Record: x-ls012266/LS012266

Wall of Jericho

Wall St. to Beaver St. New York, NY

Full Record: x-ls004688/LS004688

Wall Street, Trinity Church, and First Presbyterian Meeting House.


Wall Street.


Wallfahrtskirche. Interior view. View East in nave toward altar.

Balthasar Neumann