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View of bathtubs.

Full Record: x-ls003561/LS003561

View of buildings on north west side of square

Full Record: x-ls007478/LS007478

View of Castle of Chilon from Geneva Lake.

View of center of Pump House (Water Works, in Centre Square).

Benjamin Henry Latrobe

c. 1812

Full Record: x-ls004678/LS004678

View of Central Park.

Frederick Law Olmstead


Full Record: x-ls016876/LS016876

View of city along coast

View of city of Escorial frm Sud-Express train

Full Record: x-ls011770/LS011770

View of city of Florence from San Miniato

Full Record: x-ls010947/LS010947

View of city of Montreal from Mountain

Full Record: x-ls013653/LS013653

View of city of Roma from St. Peter Cupola

Full Record: x-ls007373/LS007373

View of Coke-Garrett House from Southwest.

John Coke


View of corner of great polygonal wall.

5th century B.C.

Full Record: x-ls016823/LS016823

View of cows in wooded field

Full Record: x-ls004457/LS004457

View of Detroit from the river

Full Record: x-ls012854/LS012854

View of Dordrecht

Jan Van Goyen

Full Record: x-ls004281/LS004281

View of Downing’s Springside

Downing, Andrew Jackson


View of Duren, Near Cologne


Full Record: x-ls007111/LS007111

View of East Harbor.

Full Record: x-ls013016/LS013016

View of Edwin Blashfield painting The Lantern Crown of the dome of the Great Reading Room of the Library of Congress; c. 1898

Edwin Howland Blashfield

Full Record: x-ls013084/LS013084

View of Edwin Blashfield painting The Lantern Crown of the dome of the Great Reading Room of the Library of Congress; c. 1898

Edwin Howland Blashfield

Full Record: x-ls012987/LS012987

View of Eiffel Tower

Full Record: x-ls012763/LS012763

View of Eiffel tower from Seine river

Full Record: x-ls004361/LS004361

View of family, car and trailer near farm.

View of floor construction (roof) showing bars set and partially concreted (top). View of ceiling, paneled construction (bottom).

Full Record: x-ls000079/LS000079

View of hall of the ancient empire, in a museum collection, showing portrait statues, large and small.

View of hand-made brick, Flemish bond, with oyster-shell mortar.

Full Record: x-ls005277/LS005277

View of Harbor Springs from Water, including High School and Transportation Company Dock.

View of Hotel de Ville from Notre Dame.

Full Record: x-ls005278/LS005278

View of Judd Hill, Harbor Springs.

Full Record: x-ls002048/LS002048

View of Laboratory Building from Southeast. S. C. Johnson and Son, Inc.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Full Record: x-ls016965/LS016965

View of Malta harbor.


View of Market Place.

View of Marseilles from Chateau du Pharo.

Full Record: x-ls005725/LS005725

View of Model. Philadelphia, PA

Full Record: x-ls011673/LS011673

View of Neuschwanstein castle from village below


Full Record: x-ls011677/LS011677

View of Neuschwanstein castle with village, Lake Alpsee and mountains

Full Record: x-ls004679/LS004679

View of New York City from Steeple of St. Paul’s Church.


Full Record: x-ls004536/LS004536

View of New York from an observatory tower approximately on 42nd St.


Full Record: x-ls005490/LS005490

View of Norwood Avenue.

View of old and new houses in the city.

Full Record: x-ls003064/LS003064

View of old buildings on the Groote Market.

View of Pairs, southwest from Notre Dame

Full Record: x-ls012935/LS012935

View of Paris from bottom of Eiffel Tower

View of Paris from the Tower of Notre Dame.

View of Paris, east from Notre Dame

View of Paris, north from Notre Dame

View of Paris, northwest from Notre Dame

Full Record: x-ls012925/LS012925

View of Paris, rubber sidewalk

View of Paris,west from Notre Dame

Full Record: x-ls011405/LS011405

View of Pearl Mosque from Delhi Fort (Diwan-i-Khas)