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Victor Emmanuel II Monument.

G. Sacconi

Begun in 1885

Full Record: x-ls008560/LS008560

Victoria embankment from Westminster Bridge.

Full Record: x-ls016729/LS016729

Victoria Falls (400 ft. plunge)

Victoria Luisen-Platz.

Full Record: x-ls011255/LS011255

Victoria Memorial

Full Record: x-ls018227/LS018227

Victoria Railway Bridge

Victoria Viaduct


Full Record: x-ls006671/LS006671

Victoria Tower. Parliament Building. London, England

Augustus Pugin


Victorian Parlor at 28 East 20th Street.


Full Record: x-ls012691/LS012691


Vienna. Austria.

F. Alten K. Allen


Viente de Noviembre.

Full Record: x-ls011276/LS011276

View from a ship mdway between Honolulu and San Francisco

View from South.

View North along wall toward Klingentor.

Full Record: x-ls016368/LS016368

View toward Triassic cuesta near Bebedouro

Full Record: x-ls007874/LS007874

View across the Scheldt.


Full Record: x-ls005867/LS005867

View Across Unidentified Pond.

View along the Arno.

Full Record: x-ls004671/LS004671

View along Wall Street. Trinity Church and Sub-Treasury shown.


Full Record: x-ls015800/LS015800

View down street to fish market

View East along Strada dell’ Abbondanza from Forum.

Full Record: x-ls013150/LS013150

View East from Monument

Full Record: x-ls016233/LS016233

View from Alto, La Paz over cemetary to snowy Illimani Bolivia

Full Record: x-ls005039/LS005039

View from art museum, Philadelphia.


Full Record: x-ls012818/LS012818

View from cloister of Chartreuse de Pavie

Full Record: x-ls011349/LS011349

View from columns of The Madeleine down Royale Street in Paris

View from Mont St. Michel in Normandy region

Full Record: x-ls002033/LS002033

View from Northeast of Water Tower. General Motors Technical Center.

Saarinen, Saarinen and Associates


Full Record: x-ls010857/LS010857

View from Nuuanu Pali National Park on Oahu Island

Full Record: x-ls011393/LS011393

View from Portico of Pantheon, Rue Soufflot

Full Record: x-ls013666/LS013666

View from Puerta del Sol over suburb of Santiago

Full Record: x-ls016104/LS016104

View from ship

Full Record: x-ls011536/LS011536

View from Ship-"Storm on Pacific"

View from South of Scala dei Giganti. Palazzo Ducale (Palace of the Doges). Venice, Italy


View from SW of Scala dei Giganti. Palazzo Ducale (Palace of the Doges). Venice, Italy


Full Record: x-ls016977/LS016977

View from Temple at Sunium

Full Record: x-ls007002/LS007002

View from the summit of Mt. McKay.

Full Record: x-ls012435/LS012435

View from under Eiffel Tower towards the Trocardero

Full Record: x-ls007416/LS007416

View in Court, Groud Floor, & Stairway from Court. Palazzo Davanzati

Full Record: x-ls010766/LS010766

View in Nuuanu Pali National Park

Full Record: x-ls008435/LS008435

View into the market place with Cathedral in background.

Full Record: x-ls007857/LS007857

View North AlongKlinongass? Toward Kliwsontor? Rothenburg, Germany

View North in Balcony along Courtyard. Palazzo Ducale (Palace of the Doges). Venice, Italy


Full Record: x-ls017202/LS017202

View northwest along Seine, toward Pont Neuf from Pont St. Michel.

View of "Gotham Court".

c. 1900?

Full Record: x-ls011351/LS011351

View of 8 bridges in city of Paris

View of a kitchen.

View of a sink.

Full Record: x-ls005094/LS005094

View of an unidentified park.

Full Record: x-ls004214/LS004214

View of Arima