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Unidentified City Street

Full Record: x-ls016076/LS016076

Unidentified city street with boy

Full Record: x-ls016048/LS016048

Unidentified city, city square

Full Record: x-ls010984/LS010984

Unidentified city, mosques, minarets

Full Record: x-ls010985/LS010985

Unidentified city, mosques, minarets

Full Record: x-ls006041/LS006041

Unidentified City. Aerial View

New York City

Unidentified City. Aerial View.

Full Record: x-ls006987/LS006987

Unidentified Close Elevation

Unidentified Close Plan

Full Record: x-ls007397/LS007397

Unidentified colonial house.


Unidentified Colonial Interior. Dining room.



Unidentified Colonial Interior. Hall.



Full Record: x-ls011522/LS011522

Unidentified columns

Unidentified commercial (?) building.

Unidentified commercial (?) building.

Unidentified commercial (?) building.

Full Record: x-ls016916/LS016916

Unidentified construction site.

Full Record: x-ls013289/LS013289

Unidentified courtyard

Full Record: x-ls005092/LS005092

Unidentified covered marketplace.

Full Record: x-ls005158/LS005158

Unidentified dam.

Full Record: x-ls006974/LS006974

Unidentified Detached Houses

Unidentified Dinan Buildings.


Full Record: x-ls011744/LS011744

Unidentified drawing

Full Record: x-ls012643/LS012643

Unidentified drawing (possibly a map)

Full Record: x-ls012704/LS012704

Unidentified drawing of ancient times

Full Record: x-ls010877/LS010877

Unidentified drawing of building


Full Record: x-ls012343/LS012343

Unidentified drawing of four women, trying on clothing

Full Record: x-ls010870/LS010870

Unidentified drawing of interior of sculpture gallery in exhibition building. Grand Palace

Full Record: x-ls012638/LS012638

Unidentified drawing of weavers working on carpet

Unidentified Example of Violation of Zoning Principles

Full Record: x-ls012461/LS012461

Unidentified exhibit room, with four-poster bed

Unidentified factory (?).

Unidentified Factory.

Hill & Wolterdorf.



Unidentified farm buildings

South Haven

Full Record: x-ls007834/LS007834

Unidentified Fifth-Centry Villa.

El Rabah

Unidentified Filling Station and Stores


Unidentified Floor Plan

Full Record: x-ls004110/LS004110

Unidentified Floor Plan

Full Record: x-ls016901/LS016901

Unidentified fountain

Unidentified freeway.

Full Record: x-ls007943/LS007943

Unidentified French Gothic Cathedral


Full Record: x-ls010908/LS010908

Unidentified funeral or mass at St. Peter's Cathedral (Basilica di San Pietro), proceeded over by Pope Pius XI

Unidentified Garage and Machine Shop in Residential District

Unidentified Garage Spoiling Residential District

Full Record: x-ls012322/LS012322

Unidentified gate

Full Record: x-ls011620/LS011620

Unidentified gateway

Unidentified Greenhouses.


Unidentified group of buildings


Full Record: x-ls006669/LS006669

Unidentified Group on Unidentified Street. London, England


Unidentified Harbor and Railroad